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Fantastic Detox Drinks – Fast Ways to Lose Weight!

The Most effective Detox Drinks, if you’re looking for fast ways to lose weight, are freshly juiced Fruit and Vegetables. Juicing recipes for weight loss present a safe and fool proof way of losing the extra pounds.

Detox drinks rejuvenate the body.

Our liver processes toxins and chemicals that enter the body through our food, the air that we breathe, medications, alcohol and smoking. The body’s ability to fend off these toxins becomes sluggish over the years, as they build up in the body.

Detox drinks offer a Great cure in eliminating the body of Toxins.

If you’re looking for fast ways to lose weight – vegetable juice recipes have been proven to eliminate cravings, decrease appetite and boost your level of energy.

The following plan for fast weight loss has worked for many people. It’s healthy, and doesn’t deprive your body from the vitamins and anti-oxidants it needs. Don’t forget to consult your Doctor before making any dietry changes. Your physician is the only one authorized to tell you if this plan fits your heallth.

Before each meal drink a 330 ml glass of fresh made juice, extracted for the most part from vegetables. You can add one fruit to each mixture for the sweet taste. Use vegetables like carrot, celery, beets, cucumber, tomatoes, and fruit like pealed oranges and berries. Don’t forget to add healthy herbs like ginger and mint.

Be creative. Experiment with different combinations.

You will find that weight loss comes gradually but the pounds keep falling off.

Here are some Juicing Recipes for weight loss:

Vegetable juice Recipes #1-

fresh spinach 
celery sticks

Vegetable juice Recipes #2-

2 apples
1peeled orange

Juicer Recipes #3 –


Juicer Recipes #4 –

1 slice of finely grated ginger

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