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Few tips for juicing

Fresh fruit juices are very important part of your diet for good health. Doctors nowadays suggest taking a lot of fruit juices to everyone. Fresh fruit juices are good for your health. A lot of people believe in the power of fresh fruit juices to keep you healthy, but not many know the right tips for juicing to utilize the fruits in the best possible way. Here are a few tips which might help you in taking the juices in healthiest manner.

 1. Drink it fresh. It is a very important point to note that the juice which is fresh has a lot more of vitamins in it than a glass of juice which was prepared a couple of hours earlier. This is one ting not many people care about. It is not enough to take the juice, its also important to take it fresh. You will get the best health benefits from fresh juice.

 2. Make sure you wash the fruits well before you prepare the juice. This is one of the very important tips on juicing. People sometimes forget that the fruits are nowadays sprayed with chemicals while they are growing and to ensure your health you need to ensure that the fruits are properly washed and cleaned before you start preparing fruit juice.

 3. Another important point is that you should make sure that the juicer machine is cleaned well. Sometimes it happens that you prepare a glass of juice and forget to wash the juicer properly. The parts of fruit which remain there in the juicer will allow growth of viruses and bacteria. Always make sure that you wash the juicer after preparing juice. To be on the safer side, always wash the juicer before you start making juice.

 4. Get fresh fruit for juices. Although you can get all fruits and vegetables for juices these days all the year round, thanks to cold storage, but it is better to drink juices of fresh fruits only. The orange juice prepared from fresh oranges in the season when we have ripe oranges will be much healthier as compared to the glass of orange juice prepared from the oranges from cold storage.

 So these are a few tips that will help you in enjoying the fruit juices in a healthy way. As discussed above, it is not enough to get some fruits, prepare a glass of juice and drink it. You also need to ensure that the fruit is fresh, that the machine you are using to prepare the juice is properly washed and that the fruit itself is properly washed before you prepare the juice. Drink the juice quickly and fresh after you have prepared it to avoid any loss of vitamins.

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