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Fijian Noni Juice

Firstly, some facts about Fijian Noni Juice……..
 The history of the Noni plant can be traced back over 2000 years and was traditionally used as a medicine which the Fijian natives called Kura. Due to the advent of modern medicine, its benefits had become long since forgotten, until Frezco Beverages founder, Mohammed Altaaf, embarked on an innovative program to bring back the remarkable benefits of the Noni plant for a new generation.

 Fijian Noni Juice is made from the native Fijian Noni Plant or Morinda citrifolia. This small tree grows white-yellowish fruits at various times throughout the year which give off a very unpleasant odour when they are ripe, indicating they are ready to pick!

 Fijian Noni Juice is made by sourcing only quality fruits which are handpicked from the wild forests of Viti Levu, Fiji and cultivated meticulously by local farmers. It is thanks to these pure, untainted conditions that Noni Juice retains its remarkable health benefits and includes nothing but 100% natural, nutritious goodness.

 Noni Juice is drunk daily by thousands of people worldwide who take great comfort in its extraordinary effects. It has now been proved to help with ailments as Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Disease and many others, but you dont have to be ill to drink Fijian Noni Juice as it also refreshes both your body and mind, improving mental well-being and even helping with sleep and stress problems.

 Fijian Noni is a totally safe, natural drink that is used by many different people, such as busy executives who find it helps them to cope with their hectic lives, pregnant women who believe it greatly assists them in a natural, healthy pregnancy, and even the elderly who have found some startling effects from this remarkable drink!

 Fijian Noni Juice is a truly remarkable gift from mother nature and thanks to the incredible vision of Mohammed Altaaf and Frezco Beverages Limited, it is now available in over nine different countries worldwide. It can be purchased through a vast network of distributors who are all equally as passionate and committed to the Noni product as we are, sharing the same beliefs in the astounding properties of this marvellous plant, and spreading the word about Fijian Noni Juice so that many thousands of others across the world can all benefit from the extraordinary benefits of this natural alternative to modern medicine.

 For more information contact us:
 Frezco Beverages Ltd
 PO Box 9303
 Nadi Airport
 Lot 20 Waqadra Industrial Est.
 Fiji Islands
 Tel: (679) 6725 143
 Fax: (679) 6724 269
 Mobile: (679) 9925 950
 Contact Person:
 Mr Mohammed Altaaf
 (Founder / Managing Director)
 Email ID: [emailprotected]
 Website: http://www.fijiannoni.com




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