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First Aid To Go

There was recent story about a daring rescue of a child from a burning residential building. The 8-year old child was trapped in the fourth floor, because the fire started at the ground floor of the building. The child came to the window of her apartment and cried for help to the onlookers below. A fireman started up the ladder but the wind fanned the flames along his path and he wavered. The fireman can seem to climb past the lapping flames and reach the crying child. As the people below looked on in horrified shock, someone in the crowd shouted: “Give him a cheer!” A noisy cheer from the people went up and the fireman heard their encouragement. Up he went and struggled to reach the child in the middle of the black smoke and raging fire. He was then able to bring down the child in safety.

That was a daring rescue indeed but for most people, a trip to the emergency room is already a traumatic experience, especially if it involves a loved one in pain. However, not all injuries are the life-threatening kind. Most of the time, the emergencies that people face are manageable, but when in panic mode, hysteria muddles proper judgment. When this happens, efforts for pain relief end up causing more suffering or anxiety attacks.

People should remember that the first line of defense for any accident is themselves. They should be their own ER doctor and be prepared to take the necessary steps to treat an injury or rescue someone from pain or danger. All they sometimes need is a working knowledge, as well as some encouragement that they could step up to a medical emergency. First of all, it is important to stock up on a first aid kit. Save a few dollars from a payday loan and buy the essential materials for a first aid kit. A plastic tackle box or containers for art supplies are a good start for assembling a kit. Include in the box these things: sterile gauze, adhesive tape and bandages, antibiotic cream, antiseptic solution, and even some safety pins. These are lightweight, comes with handles, and spacious enough. Keep one for the home and in the car.

Next, know some do-it-yourself techniques on common injuries and prevent panic scenarios. For cuts, get a clean piece of cloth, preferably a napkin, towel, or sterile gauze from the first aid kit, and place it over the wound. Put pressure on the wound immediately to stop the flow of blood. For minor burns, run the burned area through cold water for five minutes. Let it cool for a bit before applying antiseptic creams.

However, for medical emergencies that need hospitalization, people don have to panic if they are short in cash. Instant payday loans can act as a first aid measure to a cash-strapped budget. These loans are easy to process and money can be quickly transferred to the applicant in a matter of hours.

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