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Fish pedicure Would you go through this monstrosity

People can go to unimaginable lengths to get a beautiful body and a smooth, flawless skin. From nightingale droppings to fish pedicures, people would not hesitate trying anything dangerous or intimidating if it promises them results. The latest fad in the UK and around the world is fish pedicure. Garra Rufa fish, also known as Dr. Fish, is used in spa and salons for the purpose of removing dead skin and softening the skin, leaving your feet smooth and relaxed. This treatment originated in Middle East, is very popular in Asian countries and is also used to treat skin conditions such as eczema.

What happens in it?

It takes around 3 sessions to get the best results (read baby soft skin) and each session lasts for around 45 minutes, during which more than 200 carps start nibbling at your toes and legs, eating away your dead skin. Although said to be quite relaxing as you have to do nothing else but put your feet in a water tank filled with warm water and some 200 fishes, people who are squeamish or ticklish might find it hard to relax when fishes are attacking them and having their skin for lunch. Some doctors and experts say that the fish pedicure may be less effective than simple exfoliating with pumice stone.
How does it feel?

The minute you put your feet in the water, the fishes rush towards your feet and the wriggling, twisting, slithering and writhing creatures might make your heart miss a beat or two. Though these fishes don’t have teeth, you can actually feel their mouths devouring away your skin. Most people who go for fish pedicure that they find the experience more ticklish than relaxing, and more squeamish than soothing. Some people do find the fish pedicure relaxing once they get adjusted to the whole idea and are able to relax with the procedure. These fishes are said to love the skin between your toes and the skin on your heels.

Should I go for it?

If you are not very ticklish or squeamish and if you don’t mind paying for the slightly exorbitant sessions, you can go for this procedure by all means. But if you are looking for something less drastic ?then getting a detox foot spa kit would be a better idea. The home use kits are not only economic but also as effective as salon foot detox treatment. This mode of treatment will not only remove harmful wastes and toxins from your body but also boost your circulation and improve your immunity and cellular activity. And of course, every session with your foot spa will be relaxing, rejuvenating and pampering ?leaving you refreshed and recharged.

Fish pedicure Vs. Foot spa

Here are a few pointers that will help you to decide the right option for you:

Fish pedicure only helps in making your feet become baby soft with an alternative exfoliation method. Even a pumice stone can do that. Foot detox treatment will not only soften your feet but also work at the cellular level and improve your health.

Fish pedicure sessions can be expensive, foot spa is a one-time investment.

Fish pedicure is gross enough to be termed as a cruel act towards animals; foot detox spa of course isn’t.

You have to go to the salon for fish pedicure; you don’t have to step out of your home for detox foot spa and do it in the relaxing environment of your home.

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