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Focus group transcription

Focus group is extensively done to discuss a given issue or issues of interest that comprises targeted respondents (around 8 to 10 participants) and a moderator. The interactive group setting encourages the participants to speak freely and give them proper respond for the related questions.
 Focus group transcription is the process of converting group conversation like interviews, meeting, seminars etc, into written documents with good usage of language as well as format. Focus group transcription is generally used in the business and medical field for planning, marketing, or evolution. It helps to improve the product or services of the organizations.
 Focus group variant includes:

  * Teleconference focus group: carry out through telephone network

  * Dueling moderator focus group: while discussion two moderate takes opposite sides

  * Client’s participant focus group: In group discussion client’s representative participant

  * Mini focus group: minimum 4 to 5 participants are participated
  * Online focus group: conducted via the internet

  * Respondent moderator focus group: one or more of respondent are asked to act as a temporary moderator
 Good recording is important for focus group transcription .A moderator should keep a few points while recording:
  * Test all audio /visual equipment prior to the session to assure proper placement of microphones and other applicable

  * Check the location where it contain quiet location

  * Should make the participants speak slowly, clearly and loudly for recording purposes

  * Thanking the person by name is always a good idea, so that it will be easy for a transcriber to work on

  * Ask all participants to switch off the mobile phone

  * Where possible use digital medium for sound recording

  * Conduct a rehearsal in the venue and brief participants before you start to save time during the recording
 The recorded audio/video files are then transferred into CD and sent to the chosen transcription service provider. The need of the transcript is for reference in the library or as a study material for marketing teams or student’s pursuing higher level of education or research groups.


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