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Food And Beverages – Baskin Robbins Caf In Middle East

Baskin Robbins is begun in 1945, with two persons named Irvine Robbins and Burt Baskin. Before merging their ventures for making Baskin Robbins, they had Burts ice cream Shop and Snowbird ice cream parlour. They became first food business franchise seller in 1948 selling its store to manger. With selling 21 ice cream flavors in SnowBird ice cream, Baskin Robbins still carried forward same flavors around the country.

 Under Advertisement plan, they increased their 21 flavors to 31 ice cream flavors. They got slogan based on number of flavors Count the Flavors. Where Flavors counts. Burt and Robbins also believed that sample of ice cream should be introduced to people, so iconic small pink spoon came to known. They are known as first food business franchise seller at 1130 South Adams in Glendale. They opened their first production facilities in Burbank. On 26, November 1962, they registered themselves as Baskin Robbins Inc.

 They are selling their ice cream into 41 countries along with 5800 locations. Included countries are Canada, Mexico, UK, Bahrain, Japan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, South Korea, Pakistan, Panama and much more other countries.

 Worlds largest ice cream parlour is considering them to expand themselves in Middle East region. They are planning to making opening caf there containing ice cream classics Sundaes, caf creation, crepes, ice cream treats, waffle bowls, cool blends, hot caf beverages and ice cream cakes.

 With new opening caf, you would get lots of sundaes flavors like Browine Ala Mode, Banana Split and Banana Royale. You would also enjoy with hot caf beverages with flavors like cappuccino, hot chocolate, expresso and caf latte. For cool flavors, you would enjoy with thick shakes, blast, cooler, crunchy shakes and razaaz. Moreover, with ice cream flavors like Burj Al Emlaaq and Scoop Al Emlaaq would enjoy your event with your groups.

 Visit website for Beverages in Middle East, Ice cream toppings, Chocolate ice cream shop, Baskin Robbins store in new Dubai.


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