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Food Preservation History

Today’s food industry is quick to claim that their destruction of vital nutrients in food is necessary to avoid the rotting of food, and that justifies radical measures like fumigation, irradiation, sterilization, pasteurization and chemical treatments. In reality, it’s just all about maximizing profits with the least possible effort, and with utter disregard for the sustainable health of the consumers.

 The refrigerator is taken for granted so much now that we can scarcely imagine a time when we did not have access to this most convenient form of food preservation. Yet it is obviously the case that for most of recorded history we had to make do with rudimentary methods of preventing our food from becoming inedible. People would dig holes in the ground and line it with straw or wood and fill it with snow and ice in which the food would be placed. Such methods were all that was available for much of history, and then only to those who had ready access to snow and ice.

 More modern home preservation methods have developed. When I was growing up, I learned how to grow, prepare and process foods. I learned several methods; I learned how to process fruits and vegetables and can them. Vegetables were blanched and frozen. Meat could be either frozen or processed in a pressure canner to make sure they were safe.

 Refrigerators are one of the best innovations that man has ever made in the history. Every house has got a refrigerator and the benefits are countless of having one. The primary objective of the refrigerators is to preserve food items and prevent the attack of pathogenic micro organisms. They have been technically advanced in their make and purpose. They do not act as machines just for preserving food items.

 The history of canning food begins back in 1809 when a French confectioner named Nicolas Francois Appert answered the challenge of the French newspaper Le Monde, who had offered a large sum of money to anyone who could invent an inexpensive and effective method of preserving large amounts of food.

 It is clear that the early Egyptians enjoyed their food. Nobles and priests were particularly well served, with at least forty different kinds of bread and pastries, some raised, some flat, some round, some conical, some plaited. There were some varieties made with honey, others with milk, still others with eggs. And tomb excavations show what a wide range of other foodstuffs the great had set before them, even as early as the beginning of the third millennium B.C. – barley porridge, quail, kidneys, pigeon stew, fish, ribs of beef, cakes.

 Before refrigerators, people salted their meats to preserve them by using a water solution called brine. Some people did have icehouses that helped to keep food from spoiling, but that wasn’t quite as common. In 1911, Americans began purchasing refrigerators for their kitchens. Of course, this was not a standard across the country. Only the wealthiest Americans could afford such expensive appliances.

 People still process and preserve their own foods at home today, though their methods are more sophisticated. As a child, I learned a lot about growing, preserving, and preparing foods, including processing and canning fruits and vegetables, blanching and freezing vegetables, and processing meat in a pressure canner or just freezing it. There are lots of food preservation methods that you can undertake right in your own home.

 Detox diets usually recommend cutting out many foods with additives, along with meat and dairy products to combat what is known as “toxic overload.” Symptoms thought to be associated with this condition are headaches, muscle weakness, nervousness, diarrhea, and fatigue. Detox diets can sometimes cause light headedness because you are not getting the nutrients your body needs to function at its best.

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