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Foot Bath Reviews

Are you looking to pamper yourself and try out all the new things that are the craze within the wellness aspect of life? Well, lately, being pampered means having a nice foot bath that not only bathes your feet in soothing warm water, but also gives them a good massage and more. The fact about foot baths is that there is a wide variety of different baths to choose from. This variety is so vast that you have a range from ionic baths that not only pamper your feet and make them feel good, but also detox your own body, making you feel better also. That’s not all, however. You also have a wide variety of different baths that have some interesting massage jets that can massage your feet. There are also baths that massage your feet with rollers and self heating baths.

How do you choose from such a variety of different foot baths when you don’t know much about them and what they all do? Well, what the experts recommend before you buy a bath, you should read several different foot bath reviews before making your decision. These reviews can explain in full detail about different kinds of baths and best of all, they often compare different baths and their manufacturers along with the prices. This can be a great way to gauge the prices and what each foot bath has to offer.

One unique bath that has appeared in recent reviews include the Crystal Mud Foot Spa. This is an awesome bath that was originally designed for professional spas and wellness centers who were looking to find new ways to pamper their customers. Now, you don’t even have to spend all that money to go to one of these expensive spas, since you can have the Crystal Mud Foot Spa in the comforts of your home. How does this work? Well, the foot bath kit comes with special massaging crystals which expand when you mix them in warm water. These crystals are designed to massage your feet by the motion of your feet. The crystals alone do not give you the best bath experience with the Crystal Mud Foot Spa, however. Along with the crystals, you also add special oils and herbs that help give your feet that pampered feel and you can simply feel the stress of the day melt away.

Though the Crystal Mud Foot Spa and many other interesting baths, which include massaging foot baths, but the jewel in most foot bath reviews is the wide variety of the ionic baths that are available on the market. Think about killing two birds with one stone. Not only do you pamper yourself and enjoy a great soothing bath, but on top of that, you also have the added luxury of being detoxified from all the harmful toxins that we imbibe every day. Watch the water change color as the toxins electrically exit your body. How does the ionic foot bath work? Well, there is a modulator inside the bath that is attached to a low voltage electric current. This ionizes the water in the bath and you have a current that has an electric charge that is the opposite of the electric charge of the ions in the toxins in your body. The electric bond of opposite ions attracting each other literally draws the toxins out of your body through your feet through osmosis and as you finish the bath, you will quickly see the water become almost pitch black. That dark color is actually the color of all the toxins that were in your body. As you do this session on a regular basis, you will notice that you will feel much better, since the toxins will be out of your body.

There are many more baths that you can read about simply by reading reviews which you can find on the internet by making a simple Google search. Try it out and choose the right bath for you.

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