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Foot Detox An ongoing tradition of relaxation

The process of detoxification has been continuing for centuries now. In early times, wandering monks and saints used to travel miles without footwear for relaxation and rejuvenation, they practised a raw form of foot detox. They used to keep their feet dipped in hot-water springs for several hours. After a few hours, they would feel an unusual energy boost and wellness. The pain and swelling on their legs used to go away and they were able to continue on their quest again. The ancient Greeks and the Romans used large public baths for detoxification. They would add some herbs to the water for added relaxation and rejuvenation. The process of detoxification has been continuing today as well, the only difference is that now, the process has become much more advanced and effective than before.

What is modern detox and the need for it?

Today, detoxification is done with the help of a process called electrolysis. In this process, the ions react with the electrolyte and help cleanse our body by eliminating the wastes and toxins. The machine used for detoxification is known as a detox spa, which looks like a small tub of water.
On an everyday basis, our body comes into contact with many pollutants and impurities. These impurities get inside our body through the food we eat, the drinks we take, the air we inhale and from the surface that we walk on. The outside pollution also deposits toxins in our body. Our legs and feet have numerous nerve endings and pores through which, toxins and harmful pollutants may enter our body.

Is detox important?

The use of foot spas and foot spa salons for detoxification is widespread these days, maybe because more and more people are now aware about the benefits that a foot spa can give you. If you do not get a detox done at regular intervals, the toxins inside your body can give birth to various health issues including vascular clogging, pain, atheroscleroses, heart problems and other illnesses. It may also weaken your immune system, making you more prone to germs, infections and viruses. So, for basic well being and good health, getting a foot detox done, at least twice or thrice a year is very important.

Detoxification process with detox foot spa

The detox foot spa is a small portable device that looks like a small tub. It comes with electrolyte powder. You need to spare 30-60 minutes for detoxification to get the benefits of detox spa. All you need to do is to dip your feet in the tub, fill it with water and add the electrolyte powder. After some time, the device emits ions which enter your body through the pores and nerve endings on your feet and legs. The ions travel inside your body and remove the toxins and wastes. The toxins exit from the pores of your feet. You can actually see the water colour changing because of the toxins reacting with the electrolyte. After the session, you will feel light, stress-free and relaxed. You can get rid of your pain or swelling with a foot detox and can lead a healthy life if you do a detox regularly.

We know that most of our medical practises that we follow today were derived from the practises that our ancestors used to employ. The foot detox is also one of the traditions for overall well being that was used since ages and is even used now. If you haven’t yet experienced a foot detox, do it now and feel the difference.

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