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Foot Detox – For a Relaxed Body and Mind

The process of detoxification dates back many centuries, when saints and monks used to travel miles barefooted. They practice a form of foot detox procedure for the relaxation and rejuvenation of their body. They used to keep their feet dipped into hot water for some time. It would give them an energy boost and wellness after a period time. Tiredness, along with swelling and pain used to subside. Large public baths were used by the Greeks and the Romans for detoxification. Some herbs were added to the water for relaxation. The only difference with the process detoxification today is the use of more advanced and effective procedures for relaxation than earlier.

Modern day detox

Today, electrolysis is the process by which detoxification is achieved. In this process, ions help in cleansing the body by reacting with the electrolyte and eliminating the toxins and wastes. Detox spa is the machine used for detoxification that resembles a look of a small tub of water.

As we all know, our body comes in contact with a number of impurities and pollutants on a daily basis. These harmful toxins tend to enter our body through the air we inhale, the food we eat, and the drinks we take. Some of these impurities also get into our body through the pores on the skin. In particular, our feet have

Our legs and feet have a number of pores and nerve endings through which, harmful pollutants and toxins may enter the body.

How important is detoxification?

It is the awareness of the importance and benefits of detoxification that more and more people are choosing to use foot spa salons and foot spas. In the absence of regular detox, the impurities and toxins can lead to health implications such as atherosclerosis, vascular clogging, pain, heart problems and other illnesses. This may also affect the immune system of the body, making it vulnerable to infections from bacteria and viruses. So getting a foot detox treatment done twice or thrice a year can ensure you good health and well being.

Detox foot spa: An effective method for detoxification

The detox foot spa is a small tub like portable device that comes with electrolyte powder. It only takes about 30-60 minutes for a complete detoxification process. You need to dip your feet in the tub, fill it with water and add the electrolyte powder. The ions emitted from electrolyte enter your body through the nerve endings and skin pores on your legs and feet. They travel inside the body and remove the wastes and toxins. You can see the colour of the water changing in the tub, as toxins exit from the pores of your feet and react with electrolyte. You can feel stress-free, light, and relaxed after the detox session.

Usually, in our daily lives, we tend to follow traditions that our ancestors used to follow. Detox is also one of the practices employed for overall health and well being since ages. Today, scientific advancement in health industry has given us new and innovative ways of foot detox that are not only convenient to use, but also effective for a healthy life.

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