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Foot Detox

In a lot of health campaigns detoxification has become a necessity which is great because Detox now has now become a more common concept than earlier. Detox has now gone beyond the halls of spa and hospitals and currently reached stores and to the masses. Foot Detox is considered to be healthy. There are 360 acupuncture areas on a human body and common of these points are on the soles of the feet. Blood circulates throughout our body and the soles of the foot are the furthest away from the heart.

 It is a very popular saying that our feet are known as he Mirror of the body?because the reflex points and nerve endings could be followed to the feet. Ancient Chinese reflexology believes that these mirror points can be stimulated to keep our body healthy. They also think that toxins can be unconfined from these mirror points.

 Foot Detox is available to a large base of patients. Not many individuals can afford Spas or health institutions for other Detox services. You can sit at home and achieve same results as other Detox options by using Detox Foot bath products. If you do not wish to obtain these products, simply go to a salon because these services are accessible everywhere.

 There are certain guidelines that you need to follow before you undergo foot Detox. While you are under going a Detox foot bath you must remove all metals that might be attached to your body and evade using any type of electronic devices throughout the complete process. Use plain tap water only. If you are suffering from any constant disease or taking prescription drugs, do not undertake this process. No donor or women with pregnancy are dissuaded from such activities.

 The whole process includes ion cleansing of the body, so you need a big water tub. Some sea salts and an electrode will be mixed with the water. All these mixed essentials will produce ions and it will create a magnetic field to offset reversed charged particles.

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