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Foot Spa Is It Reserved For The Elite Few

With one salon spa session costing at around ?5 for 30 minutes and ?5 for an hour, it seems that detox foot spa treatments are reserved for the elite few. While the working class needs to detox and de-stress more than anyone else, shelling out so much for just one session is not worth investing. Probably this is why manufacturers came up with the ingenious home-use detox foot spas. These foot spas cost somewhere around ?00 to ?50 and are an one time investment. Even the refill kits don’t cost much and can last for up to 30 treatments. Many women and even a few men are buying these detox foot spa and enjoying salon-like benefits at home.

 Salon and home spa ?What’s the difference?

 Apart from not being able to spend a fortune on foot detoxification treatment, there are many disadvantages of home detox spa.

 You won’t get the thrill and excitement of booking a session and waiting for weeks
 You won’t be able to read all those 3 year old magazines at the day spa waiting for your turn
 You might miss meeting a grinning and know-it-all aesthetician
 You will have know what kind of towel or water you will use; no sense of mystery here
 You won’t know what it is like to rush back to catch the train after a pampering session
 You won’t get hit on

 With so many disadvantages of home spa, the thought of booking first available foot detoxification treatment at the spa might occur to you, but to keep it fair ?let us give you some advantages of home spa.

 There is no risk of foot fungus or skin infections as you don’t wear a robe and pair of slippers that have been worn by 164 customers before you
 You can sit without a robe and still no one will be throwing daggers
 You won’t have to see that fat naked lady on the bench next to you
 You don’t have to go out in the dust after a splendid session or relaxing
 If your friend fixes a blind date for you, you can immediately enjoy a spa session without having to book

 Detox foot spa treatment ?For one and all

 You don’t have to be rolling in cash in order to buy a home spa and the best part is that you will enjoy the same benefits as your boss lady. She might be spending ?5 for one session but the benefits that she will get will be same as you. Both of you will be recharged for a fresh start on Monday, both of you will have a glowing skin, none of you will be complaining of a body ache and neck pain after sitting for hours on a not-so-comfortable chair and above all, both of you will be able too keep flu, cold and other diseases at bay because of a healthier immune system ?the only difference is she will be paying much more than you.

 For the first time in your life, you will have an edge over your mean lady boss. Thinking this way, home detox foot spa doesn’t seem to be a bad idea after all.

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