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Foot Spa San Francisco What You Should Know

The idea of Foot Spa San Francisco as a way to cleanse your body has been around for thousands of years and is still reckoned as a popular method. The idea of detox foot bath in ensuring healthy body has indeed travelled a lot and with time has gained the modish curve! The age old detoxifying remedies hence still works but has been largely modernized in order to befit the need and requirement of the era.

 Health is certainly the most priceless asset in life and once lost it is indeed difficult to regain. But even after taking care and precautions we face health hazards for some unknown factors. Toxemia is such a condition which occurs due to an excessive accumulation of toxins in the body and is indeed one of the main reasons of health problems.Diseases and health disorders ranging from headaches to chronic diseases like arthritis, asthma, pancreatitis all occurs due to toxemia. Fret no more, now there is a solution! Detoxification through feet helps in eliminating the harmful chemicals from the body and to make you experience the difference that it brings in the quality of your life.

 Amidst the hundreds of detoxification technique which are recommended in the market today, the electronic detoxification system of Foot Spa San Francisco stands as one of the most preferred forms. The ionic footbath process typically involves the ion therapy and is all about sending small amount of current to transmit it through the body and generates positively charged ions. These positively charged ions are then unified with the negatively charged toxins to neutralize them and finally help the body to emit the harmful chemicals through the 2000 pores that are located at the bottom of your feet. The ionic foot spa method is simple and requires the feet to be placed in a foot spa of warm water, where the detox unit is housed. By employing a rather sophisticated mechanism, ionization of the water is done to help in re-balancing the electromagnetic forces in the body.

 The Foot Spa San Francisco method is painless and is indeed the mot safe and drug free technique of eliminating the unwanted chemicals from the body whilst ensuring good health.

 Detox footbaths can assist you in the following areas:

 Foot Spa San Francisco helps to enhance the immune system
 Detox footbath assists in recovering from injury and after surgery
 Ionic Foot Bath San Francisco helps in relieving pain and stiffness in the joints.
 It also helps in improving sleep pattern, liver and kidney functions

 Practiced effectively for centuries by a number of cultures throughout the world ionic foot spa is all about resting, cleaning and detoxifying the body with healthy nutrients to maintain optimum health.


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