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Foot spas A relaxed way to a healthy life

Our body comes in contact with a lot of toxins, chemicals and pollutants which accumulate within us. These toxins and harmful chemicals can further create health problems and serious issues for you. The removal of toxic waste from our body is required to be done on a regular basis. Not doing this can lead to long term health consequences.

The toxins, chemicals and waste impurities travel into our body from the pores present in our feet. These toxins then enter our blood stream and travel inside our body. The reason why the feet are detoxed arises from this. Just the way these toxins enter our body through our feet, we can get rid rid of them by a foot detoxification. Foot detox is done by detox spas and salons with the use of detox foot spa machines and devices. These devices are perfectly safe and convenient, not causing any side effects whatsoever. Also, it gives you a relaxed and rejuvenated feeling which can make you feel better. This is the reason why it is high on the trend these days and is a specialised spa treatment many are looking forward to.
Health experts have found out many health benefits of using a foot spa. That is why you’ll find many detox foot spas on the market. One of them is the BioEnergizer Classic Detox Foot Spa.

The foot spa kit comprises a control unit, a pack of 100 grams of low sodium salt, an array coil, a timer, a measuring spoon, nylon storage bags, 30 bowl liners, power supply and an instructional DVD.

The foot spas work as follows. You need to put your feet in the tub, fill it with water with ions, known as an electrolyte, and start the machine. The device emits a flow of electrons and a Bio-energetic field which sends signals to your feet. These signals target the pores and nerve endings that are present in our feet. This helps you get rid of all the toxins and wastes from your body through the pores of your feet, cleaning your body.

The water starts turning yellow and then darker which is the evidence showing the removal of wastes and toxins from your body which react with the electrolyte and change colour.
Health advantages of foot spa

A foot spa is not only a way to detoxify your body and feel relaxed, it has proven to give you many other health benefits as well. Let us discuss the different benefits which you would get from a good foot spa treatment.


Skin: A good foot spa can treat your skin problems such as a bad skin type, a poor skin colour or skin tone and a pale/bad texture.

Refreshing and anti-lethargy: Since the foot spa is a good way of getting a relaxed and rejuvenating feeling, reducing pain or tiredness, this treatment can also help you get rid of lethargy.

Stress-buster:The foot spa can enhance your blood circulation so you can feel relaxed and energised for the whole day. This therapy can give you effective relief from stress.

Helps treating arthritis: The relaxing therapy of a foot spa can help you relax your paining joints and muscles, which can help in treating arthritis and considerably reduce pain if used regularly.

Massage for good health: The soft relaxing massage and stimulation on the nerve endings of your feet targets acupressure points of different body parts leading to a relief from headaches, indigestion and acidity.

Treats insomnia: This technique helps you get over from problems such as low energy levels or reduced enthusiasm.

Detoxification: The foot spa detoxifies different parts of your body and cleanses your liver and kidney, maintains the pH levels of your body, increases your metabolism, enhances immunity and reduces skin problems such as acne and wrinkles.

Others: Other benefits you can get through a foot spa includes getting rid of cold, flu, sinus problems, migraines, bad breath and body odour.
Foot spas, if regularly used, can give you immense health benefits on the short and the long run, both. So be regular in evading all the toxins from your body to enjoy a healthy and a disease-free life.

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