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The field of dentist or dentistry in particular comes under the caring profession and is one that involves diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries along with malformation in mouth, jaw and teeth. Primarily a dentist is entrusted with duties like providing preventive treatment like fluoride therapy, other cleaning and scaling activities. Performing surgical procedures ranging from routine extractions to complex operations on jaw and other soft tissues, treatment of diseases related to teeth, gum and other tissues in mouth.
 However the benefits of such services seldom reach the poor. Almost all dentists are interested in working privately to earn the monetary benefits involved in the profession. They either set up their own service or purchase an existing set up. In some cases few dentist join government dental care units which provide free dental help or at the least services which are affordable. There are also the cases of associate dentist who work under dentists and dental centers. There are certain universities and medical college which do offer affordable medical care and free dental help in some cases as majority of the work at these centers are performed by students still pursuing their education. However you need to do your research before going to such medical colleges and ensure such operations and service are provided by students under some experienced person.

 Realizing the need for free dental help for people not having insurance and any grants www.GetFreeDental.com or http://www.GetFreeDental.com offers a list of 2800 dentists where in you could definitely find affordable and free dental help for the people who need the most. Besides providing a list of dentists which can suit your pocket expenses it also provides services like insurance facilities for poor including health and life, freebies like discounts on dental services and dental grants, sponsorships for dental operations and surgeries.
 It is no doubt that dental operations and surgeries are really expensive, but with websites like get free dental you can be rest assured that you will find free or affordable dental service at your doorstep.

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