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 Fumigation is a pest control method which is undertaken to control pests within a particular area. Through fumigation, suitable chemicals and pesticides are sprayed which suffocate or poison the pests leading to their death. Fumigation involves a use of fumigation machine which is effective and causes minimal harm to the environment because it leaves negligible residue and does not penetrate into the ground too.
 Fumigation machines are a convenient way for if you wish to fumigate large areas of land and thereby ensure that the people visiting these areas are safe from pest menace. You can safely use fumigation machines at public parks, hotels, canteens, restaurants, greenhouses, cold storages, fields, forests and other large scale areas. Other important areas where fumigating machines can be used include hospitals, public bathrooms, warehouses, theaters, buses, railway wagons, railway stations and cinemas as well.
 There are various types of fumigation machines available which means you need to zero down upon the one which suits your purpose. You could always log online to the Internet and get in depth information as well as get information on the suppliers who sell fumigation machines as well.

 Skan Inc is reputed supplier of hospital input equipment and is dedicated to offer the best quality of products at affordable prices. The customers of Skan hospital equipment are assured of on time after sales service and support. Skan Inc offers two types of fumigation machines viz. Skan Fog ULV (Power Jet) and SKAN Fog ULV (SKD 1100).

 Skan Fog ULV (Power Jet) is ideal for spraying purposes. It is designed to cater to precision spraying tasks as it is equipped with an ultra Precision Metering Valve. Through this technology lighter particles travel for longer time in the air and truly serve their purpose. The area covered by this machine is up to
 15000 cubic feet and its tank capacity is 5 litres. The SKAN Fog ULV (Power Jet) is able to save the consumption of disinfectant solution while saving on time as well. The SKAN Fog ULV (SKD 1100) works on similar lines and is equally effective while its area capacity is up to 10000 cubic feet.
 These fumigation machines are versatile in for they are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. They prove quite effective in clearing offices, factories, hospitals, clinics, cinema halls, banquet halls, parks, gardens where mosquitoes are frequently found and likely to cause great harm to human life.

 Make sure you research well and choose a popular fumigation machine for your use. Apart from that do check out with the supplier of the machine regarding its use, its service and what kind of after sales support you are likely to receive before you proceed to actually buy a fumigation machine.


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