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Garden Minerals – Organic And Inorganic

Many arguments occur simply because of misunderstandings. Because we do not always use the same terms to describe the same things, mis-communication is common. Such is the case of the use of the words organic and inorganic. Some writers and product peddlers over the years have stated that minerals must be organic for the body to use them. Any biochemist would simply shake his head at such a ludicrous statement. To the chemist, organic means carbon-based (or carbon-bound). Organic chemistry includes many poisonous and man-made substances, as well as naturally occurring coal and petroleum. The biochemist also knows that the ions of the body and cellular fluids that are so vital to life are all, by definition, inorganic. So what is the basis of the controversy? Organic has been misused to only mean plant-based. Many minerals in plants are indeed carbon-based, so they are technically organic, but that does not mean that they remain in that form when they are assimilated or used within the body. The most interesting factor about the carbon-based minerals from plants is that they very readily separate into ions, and hence are easily assimilated by the body.

 It is a law of nature that the minerals are only owned by the plant or animal for as long as they are used for growth and development. When death occurs, the minerals will separate again into ions, so they can be utilized and continue the growth process in other plants and animals. This is why the minerals remain in a growing plant, but readily separate into ions from the dried herbs soaked in water, as the electrical test we discussed earlier demonstrates. The advantage plants have is that they specialize. All plants seek out the specific mineral combinations that are unique to its life processes. Hence, there are a wide variety of chemical properties found within the plant kingdom. As a means to achieving balance, a healthy diet includes much variety. Likewise, individual plants can be sought out specifically to take advantage of their unique, chemical-food properties by utilizing herbs and food to strengthen a specific bodily system.

 By using nature as a teacher, we can learn much. Let’s observe how minerals naturally become part of the life process. When the rain leaves the heavens, it is almost pure water, H20. Distilled to this state, it can be referred to as hungry water. This means it is much more active, than mineral saturated water, in obtaining mineral ions.

 Distilled or rain water, is called the universal solvent, because given enough time, just about everything on this planet will eventually be reduced to its basic, elemental ionic structure in its presence. Distilled water will pull mineral ions from rocks, soil, pipes, and would even osmotically pull minerals right from within the cells of the body if it were allowed to replace the ionic-charged extra-cellular fluid. This is why pure water is such a good cleanser. The pure water from rain comes in contact with the mineral resources of the earth, and rapidly becomes ion-charged. In this state, it comes in contact with the roots of plants, and its specialized enzyme receptors, and is osmotically absorbed.

 The water circulates up through the plant to the leaves, where the energy from the sun allows the plant to give off pure H20 water, leaving the minerals behind within the plant structure, thus the water continues to circulate as one eternal round.

 Compare the similarity of the life cycle of plants to that of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Each river tributary is like the roots of a plant, bringing its mineral bounty to the whole. Like the leaves of plants, the sun’s energy is also used so the mineral body can give off the pure H20 water, and leave the remaining minerals behind as a charged, ionic solution. As the minerals from the plant kingdom are readily available for absorption by humans, so likewise are the minerals from the Great Salt Lake concentrated in Super Food Grower. The biggest difference between the two is that while a single plant specializes in the minerals it delivers, the Great Salt Lake generalizes, and delivers the mineral balance from a massive segment of the planet. While a single plant may be more effective in providing mineral nutrition for a specific need, the use of Super Food Grower concentrates generalizes for the health of the whole garden.

 Soil Conditioner: The dark condition of soil associated with fertility is attributed to healthful soil bacteria. A mineral-rich environment helps bacteria to flourish. The largest potatoes I have ever seen were raised in my father’s minerally replenished garden. One potato would feed six people. Championship produce has been raised in our family garden, and much of the credit goes to the minerals in Super Food Grower. The bacteria play a major role, not only in soil fertility, but helping to cleanse the soil of contaminants and chemical residues.

 Sprouting: The sprouting seed produces the highest concentration of valuable enzymes of any time during its life cycle. These enzymes, along with vitamins and other food factors, are abundantly produced when the plant is properly fed and nourished. Many users have reported that the minerals play a major role in the sprouts vitality, and flavor. Use fifteen drops Super Food Grower per quart of rinse water.

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