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Get a Pair of Healthy Feet With at-Home Detox Methods – Feel Healthier Than Ever

Detoxification of the body is an absolute necessity in order to maintain good health. There are various detoxification methods: external as well as internal. The basic idea of detoxification lies in flushing out the toxins from the body. Toxins are the poisonous substances that are created within the cells of organisms, by those cells themselves. These substances can be harmful, even fatal, when they come in contact with enzymes and/or enters the bloodstream. Toxicity of the bloodstream results in bad circulation, thus slowing down metabolism and leading to weight gain. Detoxification is necessary for the overall health too; presence of toxins in the bloodstream might have pretty serious consequences. There are various methods of flushing out the toxic materials from the body. While there are foods that can help in this purging procedure, detox patches and detox foot spa are also great options.

Foot spa is an extremely useful variant when it comes to detoxification of the body. There are various methods one can adapt in order to flush the toxins via the foot, but they all basically concentrate on one aspect: using the pores on the underside of the feet to help clean out the toxins. According to scientific studies, the soles of the feet have thousands of tiny pores that are regularly used to clear the body of the toxins. However, these pores generally get clogged up; thanks to the fact that our feet are the most in contact with dirt and germs, bears the maximum pressure and strain, and are also under covers the maximum time. Besides, not too many people pay as much attention to their feet as they should, the maximum focus being on other parts of the body. So, it is not surprising that feet are not really able to act as agents of detoxification as well as they are supposed to.

Taking care of your feet needn’t necessarily require you to make an appointment with the nearest spa. You can treat them at home, and not much exercise is needed at all; at-home treatments are exactly as effective as professional foot spa therapies.

Soak your feet in lukewarm water everyday, or at least at regular intervals with not too much time in-between, for at least 15 minutes. This is great in softening the feet and clearing up the pores. Don’t forget to add some Epsom salts or bath salts.

After soaking your feet, scrub the soles carefully. A pumice stone is best suited for this purpose; however, any other scrubber you are comfortable with will help too. Do it for quite sometime, until the feet begin to feel much softer and cleaner. However, do ensure that the action isn’t too vigorous; of any area feels sore and/or looks inflamed and reddish, stop immediately. This process is called exfoliation, and it gets rid of dad skin cells that accumulate on the sole of the feet, clogging up the pores.

You can opt for less time-consuming alternatives like the Body Boutique Detox Foot Patch Factor. With options like this, taking care of your feet was never easier. All you have to do is just to apply one such patch on the underside of your feet before you go to sleep, and take it off the next morning.

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