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Get up to Six Months of Relief from Sweating with Botox Injections

While it is very natural for an individual to experience sweating, some people tend to do it to an extreme. There are over five million sweat glands throughout the body with more than half of them located in the hands. The nervous system is responsible for controlling the amount of sweat that is created. Approximately 1% of people sweat up to four times more than the rest of us.

Such extreme sweating most often generates in the region of the armpits. The person may try topical antiperspirants but find them ineffective. Such products include Drysol, Saldrize, and Certain Dry. An effective alternative for such sweating is Botox injections. They can provide control for such sweating up to six months at a time.

 Botox injections for sweating can last from four to eight months at a time. The cost is around $450. Since there is no cure for this extreme sweating, repeat Botox injections will be needed. Another reason Botox Injections work so well is that they can help with reducing body odors that individuals who experience extreme sweating.

Such Botox treatments are given as a last option for anyone suffering from extreme sweating who has not responded to other treatments. It works by blocking the nerves and muscles that release the chemical Acetylcholine. This chemical is responsible for stimulating the sweat glands. A very small dose of botox will help prevent such sweating from occurring.

Since Botox injections only offer a temporary solution, you will need to get two or three injections per year. The injections may be painful and they are expensive but they also allow individuals to regain their self confidence. While botox injections are great for extreme sweating of the armpits, feet, and palms, it isn very effective for facial sweating.

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