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Give Me 3 Minutes and I’ll Show You How To Clean Your Body with Foot Detox

In recent years more and more people have realized the ill effects of what they have been doing to their bodies. They are switching to healthier diets and getting into regular health regimens, hoping it will make a difference. They expect results, but many realize while they are doing everything right, something still feels wrong.

The problem may not be what they’re putting in their body, or the work out they are giving themselves, but the things that are already in their body that need to be removed.

Whether you realize it or not, your body is probably filled with chemicals and other toxins that are mucking up your system. These chemicals may not have been put in intentionally. They well could be the side effects of preservatives in processed foods, the chemicals used to treat drinking water, or even various toxins in the air.

All these chemicals and metals end up trapped in your body. They attach to your organs and remain in your blood and make you feel sluggish as they slow things down.

These chemicals are going to continue to slow things down until you remove them. You can do this through detoxification, or detox.

There are various ways to go about a chemical detox. You could go to a spa for a number of days. But this would take time and a lot of money as these spa treatments can run into the thousands of dollars. Instead, you can get the same results, for a lot less money, by doing a foot detox at home.

The concept behind foot detox is foot reflexology and acupuncture. These are the eastern beliefs that the soles of the feet have receptors that connect to all the sections of the body. Acupuncturists and reflexologists use pressure to stimulate the soles of the feet, and thus stimulate the various sections of the body.

The waste in those areas is then sent to the feet and excreted through the pores.

There are two popular styles of foot detox:

Ionic Bath Foot Detox

If you have ever soaked your feet after a long day, you know about foot baths. An ionic foot detox bath takes this to a whole new level. Instead of just water in the bath, it also has a light electrical current. While the current is not enough to shock you, it is enough to create positively charged ions in the water. Those positively charged ions go into your body, hunt down the toxins, or negatively charged ions, and pull them out. You may well see the toxins as sediment at the bottom when you are done with the ionic foot detox bath.

Foot Detox Pads

A simpler way to have the same results is through foot detox pads. Instead of sticking your feet in water, you attach these soft pads to the bottoms of your feet and let the solution inside pull the toxins out. If you do this at night, you will wake up in the morning with fewer toxins in your body.

Selecting a foot detox method is a purely preferential thing. No matter which style you choose, putting a dose of foot detox into your overall wellness plan will make you feel better and healthier as you remove the toxins that were slowing you down.

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