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Great Skin And Healthy Happy With Kombucha

Dry skin can be very irritating. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and we should give it proper care. Kombucha makes a great tonic for skin, and it has anti bacterial properties as well.
 Speaking of skin, Kombucha also helps acne by giving a gentle antibacterial wash. It also balances pH, and is very cost effective. Kombucha brings balances inside and out.
 Another use of Kombucha is as a foot bath. Kombucha is a great treatment for athletes feet, the fungal infection that afflicts more than just athletes. Many use foot soaks for detoxification. You can use a foot spa treatment and then follow with a Kombucha mist as well.
 Dandruff is a flaking of the skin on the scalp, and signifies an imbalance in the oil secreting hair glands. You can use a Kombucha hair rinse, and even leave Kombucha on the scalp for a longer period to nourish the hair and scalp.
 The outbreak of eczema can indicate an allergy or toxicity in the liver. Kombucha helps restore balance in the body, and can bring relief to the itching and eruptions of dermal eczema.
 Some people complain of itching skin, also known as pruritis. Kombucha has an antiseptic quality, and can soothe itching. You can blend an older Kombucha mushroom into a paste and apply to itching skin, or use the tea. A Kombucha bath is also very soothing and nourishing as well. Dont forget to drink your Kombucha tea!
 There are many other skin conditions that Kombucha will handle with ease. Bee stings, piles, rashes, psoriasis, the list goes on. Try Kombucha for varicose veins as well. This low cost nutritional tea makes a great addition to your medicine cabinet as well.

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