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Hair care tips for winter season

Dry hair, dandruff, split ends, and hair fall are frequent hair complaints in winter. If due attention is not given to these parameters, then it can lead to hair damage.

Follow these simple tips to protect your hair this winter:

1.Cold weather can dry your hair, it is necessary to use hair conditioning to replenish its lost moisture.

2.Woolen clothes like sweater, pullovers and caps can cause problems to your hair; first you need to cover your head with a scarf. It can also protect you from windy days.

3.Avoid frequent hair coloring, streaking, hair perming, straightening, conditioning, etc, this can again make your hair unmanageable.

4.Avoid blow drying and prefer towel drying instead. Excessive drying can give it a limp look.

5.Use lukewarm water to wash your hair as warm water strips away natural oils from the scalp. However over washing should also be avoided to prevent complete rinsing away of protective oils.

6.Apply a leave-in conditioner before stepping out.

7.Winter is the peak time for dandruff, flaking occurs due to excessive cell production but it can be prevented by using a good dandruff shampoo on a regular basis. Apply dandruff shampoo on your hair, even when you are not suffering from dandruff, it can act as a good precautionary measure.

8.The best is to eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and vitamins like A, C, E, and various B vitamins can all help improve hair quality.

9.After showering, conditioning and reconditioning, carefully brush your hair to even out the natural oils.

10.Itchiness and irritation are common during the winter and notorious for dryness.

Hair care products include a whole slew of items ranging from shampoos, conditioners (leave-in or regular), oils, potions, two-in-ones, styling gel, treatments, hair creams, etc. The must-haves this winter are conditioners; the leave-in conditioner is recommended as winter weather can dry your hair and applying a leave-in conditioner ensures that your hair is moisturized and manageable. Substituting a hair cream might be advisable over a styling gel. Avoid using any hair care product which has high alcohol content, which tends to dry ones hair. Winter is the time when hair needs to be kept long and healthy primarily due to two reasons; a) it is the festive season, b) Hair tends to grow less in winter compared to other months and hence it is better to postpone your haircut to the summer, though a traditional hair trimming maybe advisable.

How to have static free hair during winter?

?During the cold, dry air tends to dehydrate hair giving off static electricity.

?Dry air and woolen clothes results in dry hair, which in turn end up bearing static electricity.

? It is advisable to avoid hair care products that dry out your hair; those with harsh chemicals or alcohol content.

?Use a leave-in conditioner that tones and replenishes the lost moisture.

?Using a wooden comb or brush helps reduce static electricity.

?Condition your hair regularly, properly moisturized hair is less likely to be affected by static.

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