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Healthy Eating In The Usa

Healthy lifestyle trends are popping up in many areas of this country. Many restaurants are offering healthier alternatives, fast food restaurants are disclosing nutritional information and public schools are ripping out soda machines and replacing them with water machines. Attitudes toward exercise are getting more positive, diet has been replaced by the phrase “healthy lifestyle” and the word “organic” is now understood by many. America has spoken, it is time for a change of lifestyle!

 American’s like to eat out but eating out does not have to mean sacrificing your health or diet. Wendy’s and Subway were some of the first fast food restaurants to offer healthy substitutions for children and adults. At Wendy’s a salad can replace fries for no extra charge. For a kid’s meal, parents can order their children a fruit cup and milk instead of fries and a soda. Subway also has raisins and apples in place of chips. Another chain is seeing their competitors success and making a change! Fatburger recently changed from vegetable oil to soy bean oil to fry their foods therefore reducing the amount of trans fat being served. Fatburger will also start using the leanest beef possible in all of their burgers and they are now offering a Boca patty (soy based meatless patty) substitute for all their burgers according to prleap.com. Even sit down restaurants such as Applebee’s are jumping on the band wagon by offering Weight Watcher friendly menu items.

 In past years many chains such as McDonalds had the public guessing about nutritional content but after a large public out cry, fast food and sit down restaurants relented. Now the nutritional information can be found anywhere from their internet websites, pamphlets in the place, or on the actual container such as McDonald’s fries carton. There is no more guess work to be done, consumers know exactly what they are eating, no more mystery meat!

 Americans did not stop there, they went a step further and asked for schools to battle the bulge right a long with them. During the 2006-2007 school year, every district in America had a goal to obtain. This goal was to implement a better nutrition and increase activity levels according to aappolicy.org, and nearly every school accomplished this. Soda machines, snack machine and pizza were removed from every district from preschool to high school. They have been replaced by water, fruit and a salad bar. Kids can no longer sell junk food for clubs during school hours and all the cafeterias are required to serve balanced meals.

 Organic is the new black. In the last ten years, local farmers have more than doubled. Organic products appeals to the new health conscious America on many levels. Consumers want to know where their food is coming form and if it has been chemically treated. When buying food from local farmers, it gives the consumer control and they can find out where the food has come from and what it has been exposed to.

 Eating right is only one way to be healthy, the public wants more! They want more exercise! People are making an effort to get out and exercise at least three days per week. According to WebMD.com, some of the most popular exercises are yoga, core work and martial art based exercises such as Tai Chi. All of these exercises have multi-fold benefits such as stress relief, flexibility training and toning all built in. A new trend in exercises is also emerging, in 2008 WebMd.com reports America will likely see an increased amount of training, education and certification for all exercise providers and trainers. This is due largely to the rising health kick.

 Flexitarianism is a new “diet” which is quickly on the rise with many Americans according to CNN.com. Dietitians are defining these dieters as those who eat mainly fruits and vegetables but also eat protein but only three days per week such as chicken, lean beef and fish. The other four days a week they eat meatless meals. It is a diet which is low in saturated fat and high in fiber. Those who follow this diet have lower risk of stroke, diabetes, and heart attack.

 Over the years obesity and obesity related health complications have spurred America into action. Of course there will be those out there who love eating their greasy pizzas and triple Whoppers. But for those who do not want to gain hundreds of pounds, there are now options. Healthy living is taking over and it is here to stay!


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