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Herbs That Detox the Body – The Top 5 Herbs That Detox the Body Quickly

Everyone knows how important it is to detox your body regularly, because if you don’t then toxins build up and this can have short term effects on you such as tiredness, sluggishness and lack of energy and even some long term effects such as increased risk of serious illness.

There are a lot of expensive detox treatments available, but little to people know that some of the best detox agents are very cheap and can be found in your everyday supermarket or store. These herbs that detox the body are extremely good for your body and will not only help it to detox but will also give you better overall health, increased energy and a stronger immune system.

So, what are the best herbs that detox the body?

I have compiled the following list of top 5 herbs that will really strengthen your body’s own detox engine and will help you to detox much more quickly if you incorporate them into your diet:

1.) Burdock

This is very powerful for detoxing, burdock roots really do help to reduce the build up of heavy metals in your system which will not only cleanse your system of these unwanted toxins, but will reduce the risk of immune system problems in the future.

2.) Nettles

Sounds horrible I know, but Nettles have some really great detox properties. One of the main advantages of this herb is that it will cleanse your urinary system and will help to prevent any future problems occurring.

3.) Milk Thistle

Of all the herbs that detox the body, this one is probably one of the few that really helps protein synthesis in your liver. It will strengthen this process and make it work that much more efficiently.

4.) Dandelion

Dandelion roots are great cleansers for your gall bladder and liver and will help to keep them healthy and clean.

5.) Psyllium Seeds

These seeds promote healthy bowel movements and ensure that it all remains working correctly. This is one of the few herbs that detox the body that acts like a sort of sponge and really does help to mop up unwanted toxins before being removed from the body.

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