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High Protein Low Carb Diet Advice

In was really in latter 1970’s the high protein low carb diet became so favored. This was principally for a similar reason they are favored now ; they do help you shed pounds fast. The main issue with a large amount of these well-liked diets is keeping the weight off in the long term.

 You are probably aware of the three phases of the Atkins diet, they are Induction, ongoing weight loss and Pre upkeep. Here we explain them a little further:

 Induction Phase

 The Induction phase is the 1st part of the diet and the one where you will lose the most weight. It’ll often last for just 2 weeks and you may stick to the guidelines to make it work.

 1 – You can’t eat more than 20 grams of carbs each day. So you should carefully work out how many carbs are in the items you are eating. It is advised that they deserve to be in the form of low carb veggies.

 This may be fish, meat and eggs.

 3 – Forget the bread, potatoes, pasta and rice. You cannot eat any of them in the Induction phase.

 4 – Avoid caffeine that’s found is coffee and many soft drinks. Caffeine can lower your blood sugar forcing you to feel hungry.

 Fish – Sardines, flounder, trout, sole, herring, tuna and salmon.
 Eggs – All forms including poached, fried, boiled, omelettes and scrambled.
 Fowl – Quail, chicken, turkey, duck and goose.

 You can also eat a small amount of cheese, vegatables and fruit.

 Ongoing weight loss Phase

 The ongoing weight loss phase is regarded as OWL. This is where you may continue to eat plenty of protein but you may also start introducing more carbs into your high protein low carb diet. This will not be done on a giant scale, just by some grams each week, usually five grams per week. You’ll also set yourself a goal of how much more you wish to lose.

 You will increase the carbs by eating more vegatables, nuts, fruits and cheese.

 Pre maintenance Phase

 This is the last section of the Atkins diet and typically starts when you have around ten pounds left to lose. You will normally boost your carb levels even further which slows down your weight loss but indicates you will be losing pounds in a more healthy manner. This phase can persist for a bit and is normally how you may continue permanently by hitting your target and sticking to it.

 The Atkins is one of the most well liked types of high protein low carb diet plans. There are naturally lots more including the South Beach Diet, Hampton’s Diet, Protein Power and The zone diet. All have their benefits but work in different ways.

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