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Home Remedies For Engorgement Treating This Naturally

When the quantity of milk produced in the breasts starts to rise, breast engorgement occurs. After a mother delivers a baby the body starts producing milk. It can really be very uncomfortable for women because the breasts become tender to touch and tight. This is a normal process and diminishes within one or two days.

 Engorgement Home Remedies

 There are several home remedies for engorgement which are effective when tried and very simple to follow. Some of the popular home remedies for engorgement are:

 1. One of the simplest home remedies for engorgement is to wear a well fitting bra. Not too loose and not too tight.

 2. Ice packs are also very effective in treating engorgement. Take some ice packs and place them around the breasts. This will give you relief from swelling, congestion and engorgement.

 3. Do not skip breastfeeding your baby at night.

 4. One of the natural home remedies for engorgement is to change breastfeeding positions in order to empty both the breasts.

 5. Cabbage leaves are also helpful in treating engorgement. Just take some cabbage leaves and wash them in water. Now cut nipple holes on these cabbage leaves in order to allow free air passage and then put them on your breasts and wear bra over them.

 6. Try to breastfeed frequently after every two hours. This will make the breasts light and make you feel better.

 7. Daily massage the tender breasts in order to make them soft.

 8. Take a wet warm cloth and apply it on your breasts for fifteen to twenty minutes just before breastfeeding your baby. This will help in the easy flow of milk.

 9. Those who are not breastfeeding can express the milk manually. This will reduce tension and fullness in the breasts. You can use your hands to express out little bit of milk from the breasts. But remember not to use pumps.

 10. Do not use extra liquids in baby’s food for first four weeks as it can cause your baby to drink lesser milk.

 11. Breastfeed your baby for at least eight times in a day. This will help in reducing the heaviness and the pressure within the breasts.

 12. In order to get relief from the pain you can use electric heating pad or hot water bottle.

 13. Dried sage herb can also be used to treat engorgement. It is known to have cineole, borneol and thujone, which are volatile organic oils. These oils act directly on hormone receptors and help in decreasing the supply of breast milk.

 14. Peppermint also helps in decreasing engorgement and breast milk supply. It contains active oils which can be effective in anti-engorgement treatment.

 15. Take warm showers. You should allow the warm water to flow over your breasts. This will result into let-down reflex and the some of the milk will leak out. This will soften the areola and nipple.

 16. If your nipples are flat, then stimulate your nipples by massaging your areola and nipples gently. Once your nipples are erect use your thumb to gently support your breasts and feed your baby.

 These were some of the effective home remedies for engorgement which are simple, safe and easy to use.


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