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Hompath Expert Systems

Homeopathy has been practiced differently by different people across the globe. There have been different schools of prescribing which have proved themselves to be efficient in their own ways in numerous cases to elicit perfect cure. These are the time-tested principles which have eventually evolved into the Expert Systems in the form of softwares.

 Hompath presents 7 Expert Systems:

 * Tempraz Expert System
 * Acute Expert System
 * Element Theory Expert System
 * Seigal Expert System
 * Kent Expert System
 * Boenninghausen Expert System
 * Boger Expert System

 Tempraz Expert System:

 Tempraz Expert System is designed on Dr. Parinaz Humranwalas temperamental method of prescribing. According to Dr. Humranwala, the temperament is the real self and personality is the dress one puts on over oneself. Thus, understanding temperaments makes the process of cases taking and finding similimum easier and almost foolproof.

 Tempraz Expert System, helps you practice with utmost ease taking into consideration the 5 basic temperaments i.e Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, Nervous and Phlegmatic. Tempraz evaluation is the heart of the Tempraz Expert System. It helps you to zero in to the temperament of the patient, and find his similimum. The temperament of the patient can be calculated and his true nature can be understood using the 7 different criteria given in the software.

 Most important and unique feature of Tempraz is Temperament Quotient which helps us to determine the dominant temperament of the patient. Temperament filter can be applied to the repertorization sheet and the similimum can be narrowed down with great ease.

 Using Tempraz you can:

 * Convert patient language or day to day language in to rubrics with ease.
 * Calculate patients Temperament.
 * Get deeper insights into 5 basic Temperaments.
 * Tempraz Materia medica

 Acute Expert System:

 Dr. Prafull Vijayakars Acute Expert System gives us the assurance to treat acute conditions with great ease and full confidence.

 Acute prescriber is a feature created out of essence of experience of 30 years of homoeopathic practice of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar. This method is extensively tried and tested. It is based on the flow chart of acutes, which is most updated and latest, with new remedies. Extensive referenced data is incorporated in the software including 7 books of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar.

 The software provides:

 * Acute Expert System
 * Chart Of Acutes
 * Books by Dr. Prafull Vijaakar
 * Remedy Pointers
 * Acute Quick References as the treasure of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar
 * Theory Of Suppression

 Acute Expert System is also available as a stand-alone version.

 The Element Theory Expert System:

 Element Theory Expert System is based on Ian Scholtens extensive work done on the elements from the periodic table. This Expert System eases your way to understanding the complexities of periodic table in relation to Homeopathy. It helps to understand the co-relation between the elements in the periodic table and Homeopathy.

 The software includes

 * The Expert System
 * Elemental practical analysis
 * Repertory of Elements
 * Element Theory Reference Chart
 * Scholtens Materia Medica of different elements
 * Cases of different elements
 * Element Spiral explaining Scholtens Theory

 Seigal Expert System:

 Seigal Method is about practising on the feelings of the patient. The concept is that if a person is sick, he has a characteristic state of Present, Persisting and Predominating symptoms, which reflect in his feelings and actions. The outward manifestation of the feelings reflected at different levels, in different ways, are converted to rubrics and the similimum is found.

 If we are able to derive mental rubrics of the patient in just a matter of 5-10 minutes, that will be a great help to us in our practice and 100s of hours will be saved while interpreting the mental state of the patient. This methodology developed by Sehgal Doctors helps us to select mental rubrics while the patient is narrating his chief complaint.

 The Software has:

 * Seigal Expert System
 * In-depth understanding of a large collection of rubrics
 * Cured cases of Drs. Sehgal and their team
 * A complete understanding of the working of SSRH
 * Sehgal Dictionary
 * ROH book library

 Acute Expert System, Element Theory Expert System and Seigal Expert System are also available in stand-alone versions.

 For more information, visit expert system section of http://www.hompath.com/ExperienceZone.aspx


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