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How Can an Ionic Foot Bath Help You

Well, if you are one of the thousands of Americans who are into the health and wellness craze, you’ve probably heard about the ionic foot baths and how they work. Well, there are many great things that these ionic foot baths can do for you and this is why you should take a look into them.

The physics of an ionic foot bath
The ionic foot bath works by ionizing the water in a tub where you bathe your feet by placing an electrode in the water. The electric current actually removes one hydrogen atom from the water or H2O molecule. What’s left is one hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom. In the process, the remaining hydrogen atom will lose an electron, which will negatively charge the water. This is what creates an electric ion.

Now, how does this affect your body? Well, in two ways. Your body has an electrical current of its own and sometimes with all the toxins in your body, this electric current is lessened and thus your body is not able to flush them out correctly. You will then accumulate all kinds of toxins from the environment, food, and other sources. As an added benefit, you will feel a tingling feeling in your feet. This is the ionization at work and can also help your blood circulation.

The removal of your toxins from your feet
Basically, your feet in ionized water are the best exit points for the toxins in your body. The reason is because your feet have the most veins that crisscross each other in your body and contain over 2,000 sweat glands; this is why shoes sometimes smell, especially when you don’t wear socks. On top of that, the toxins leave your body through your feet through a process called osmosis. Osmosis is a process that causes particles to travel through a membrane into a highly charged substance. The highly charged substance is the ionized water in the foot bath and the result is the water will begin to change color. The color is actually the toxins that come out from your body.

As an added benefit, the electric charge in the water also has a positive affect on your blood circulation in your feet. This can be great for people who have poor circulation. The best thing about the detoxification is that it makes you feel great all over. You will notice that you will feel less tired and will have more energy to do more things.

Who should avoid an ionic foot bath?
Though most healthy people who do not have any serious health issues can take an ionic foot bath without any problems, it’s not for everyone. Those of you who have pacemakers or some other electronic medical equipment in your bodies, you should not take an ionic foot bath because the electric current may cause the pace maker or other electronic medical device to malfunction. For some heart patients, a malfunctioning pacemaker can even be deadly.

You need to keep in mind that though ionic foot spas are great, they do not replace the family doctor. If you feel very sick, it could be something else. Though bacteria and viruses to release toxins as their excrement into your body when you’re infected, the ionic foot bath is not a panacea. Toxins from bacteria and viruses are what usually causes the symptoms, such as vomiting and the typical pains when you have the flu. The bath may help flush out the toxins, but you should still see a doctor to get the infection out of your body.

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