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How Detoxification Works

Detox is a technique used for addicts to flush out the narcotic poisons they have in their body. It is a method used by medical centers and recovery centers for those who undergo rehabilitation from their addiction. Medical facilities have to be rid of the toxins or the alcohol that is currently in the body of the patient who’s about to undergo treatment. This is the initial step in the withdrawal phase for recovering addicts, after that their treatment may now commence. Here are a few reasons as to why detoxification is important and how the method works.

 1. Avoiding overdose – Drug addiction detox is a highly effective means to treat patients who might have an overdose of a specific addictive drug. Subjects are taken to the medical center, a clinic or a treatment facility where they may undergo detoxification from the narcotic that they overdosed from. This can help addicts who may have a dependence on codeine use by cleansing their systems from the narcotics and toxins they have used. Clinics, hospitals and treatment facilities are at all times prepared for any walk-in overdose.

 2.Exactly how it works – The patient who is taken to the medical center, clinic or recovery center is at first asked to regurgitate in case the substances they had in their system were taken orally. After that the doctor or the specialists determines what type of narcotic the subject took in order to give them medication to balanced out the effects of the narcotic they took. Pain medications are provided to patients that undergo detox to help them ease the early discomforts of withdrawal.

 3. Observation – Throughout detoxification, a patient is also undergoing withdrawal from the particular drugs they used so they have to be regularly monitored by the hospital staff and personnel. Withdrawal from such drugs might result in dehydration and aspiration in which a patient will have aspiration by breathing back again their vomit and suffocating as a result. Dehydration may also arise each time a patient continuously throws up and has diarrhea.

 4. Detoxification phase – How long an individual would spend in detox would highly depend on the particular substance they used and the amount of dosage they took. It also depends on just how quickly the substance is metabolized in their system which could last a couple of days to a full week. After that they need to go through medic


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