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How Does a Foot Detox Spa Work

With the ongoing craze about ionic foot baths in health and beauty circles throughout the US, Canada, and Western Europe, knowing how a foot detox spa works is essential to understand how it is used and why it’s so beneficial.

Basically, your body accumulates toxins and has organs, the liver, kidneys, and the intestines to clean your body from toxins, so why do we need to detoxify ourselves? Well, the answer to that question is simple in one way and complex in another. Simply put, however, we accumulate so many toxins in our lifetime these days that our detoxification organs, such as our liver and kidneys become overwhelmed. They physically can only filter so much blood and sometimes, when your blood is too laden with toxins and other impurities, the liver can take some out but not all. This is one of the reasons why alcoholics who drink heavily often get a condition called sorosis of the liver. What exactly is sorosis of the liver? Well, it basically is when the liver suffers too much damage from the toxins that the alcohol puts in your bloodstream. As the liver filters the blood and the toxins are too many, they tend to build up in the liver and then the liver begins to scar and thus the condition of sorosis is just that.

You don’t have to let your liver get to that. In fact, if you don’t drink often or are a social drinker, as most of us are, you probably won’t get sorosis of the liver in your lifetime. You can, however, come down with diabetes, which can be caused from toxins that we often ingest whenever we drink a soda or a diet soda. The sweeteners in most sodas is no longer cane sugar. In regular soda, high fructose corn syrup is used as the primary sweetener. This can cause diabetes. Though advertised to prevent diabetes, aspartame, found in died sodas is even worse for you than corn syrup. Basically, the raw materials used to make aspartame are the toxins from the ecoli bacteria. That’s right, the same bacteria that can be found in meats and makes us very sick. How nice to know that we drink that when we have a diet soda. Aspartame is also used as a sweetener in many candies also.

All the above mentioned toxins do not include the environmental toxins and the toxins we ingest if we smoke or take drugs either. This can show you that in a typical day, we as average Americans can take in over 300 different toxins by either inhalation, eating, drinking, smoking, or taking prescription drugs. This is why a foot detox spa is so important.

How does it work? Well, an ionic foot bath or spa works by having an electrical charge initiated in the bath water that is mixed with epsom salt. As you place your feet in the warm water, the ions in the water can stimulate the liver and kidneys to filter more toxins from your blood. Furthermore, many toxins can also come out from sweating. This is good news, since your feet have the largest number of sweat glands in your body than any other part of your outer body.

Though many holistic medical practitioners might have differing views about how long a session should be with an ionic foot bath, you should spend between 30 to 90 minutes in one. Along with doing the ionic bath, you should also go on a special juice diet which is composed of various fruit and vegetable juices to give your liver a rest and rejuvenate itself.

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