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How Does The Bin Ranges For Credit Cards Algorithm Work

If you have been reading articles about BIN ranges for credit cards, chances are that you haven’t read anything related to the actual algorithmic processes. This so called algorithm is responsible for calculating BIN numbers, sorting them and then verifying them in accordance to the data stored in the BIN numbers database list.

However, before moving onto the complex matter concerning BIN numbers algorithms, bear with me for a few minutes. The next few paragraphs underline a small introduction to BIN ranges lists and BIN numbers in general.

What is a BIN Number?

The BIN is a combination of 6 starting digits of a credit card or any other 16-digit card. These cards could be of any type. The purpose of BIN number checkers is to make sure that the card is registered to a real person and it doesn’t come from a non-existent profile.  After the verification process is done with, the merchant receives payment at the cash counter. The following card names and numbers are extracted from a list of issuer identification number databases for UK card holders. As of now, there are billions of credit cards in the market – all pertaining to a special category underneath a unique BIN ranges database:  -Maestro Cards: 6  -VISA: 4  -MasterCard: 5  -Diners, American Express and CitiBank Cards: 3  In the case of legal proceedings, the above numbers are referred to as a general guideline by the local investigating authorities. As always, you are welcome to contact the Financial Fraud Bureau in the UK for further assistance against cons who like to rip off hard-working, honest citizens.

BIN Ranges for Credit Card Algorithm  Let’s say that the starting digits of your credit card are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The BIN number checker program will multiply the 5th digit, which is 5, by 2. The answer would be 2 X 5 = 10.  The 1st and 3rd digits in our five number series are: 1 and 3. They are added to 10, which equals 1+3+10 = 14. For credit card security, “14” would be interpreted as 0014 because of a protection mask.  After this mask is applied, 0014 is placed right next to the 2nd and 4th digits of the number series. In 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, the second digit would be 2, while the 4th one being 4, will be placed next to 0014. It gives us 001424.

Finally 001424 is added and it gives a sum of 11.  0+0+1+4+2+4 = 11  The last step of this algorithm concludes with subtracting 1 from 11. We get 10. If you recall correctly, “10” is the exact number that we started with in the first place. It means that the BIN checker program will approve of the credit card because its initial calculation matches the final one.


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