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How To Cleanse Your Body With Detox Foot Spa

Detox Foot Spa is a modern remedy. In today’s fast paced and hectic life styles, people need to rejuvenate their bodies and minds. Constant stress and strain take heavy toll on people and leave them drained. Everyone is running after material pursuits and in one’s quest for material gains, career advancements, academic achievements, wealth and prosperity people tend to suffer from various health-related issues.

Therefore, many of us look for remedies and solutions that would renew our mental resolves and recharge our batteries to fight another day. There are various detoxification methods that are available in the market which claim to remove harmful toxins from our systems and help us lead healthy and meaningful lives. One such detoxification method is detox foot spa.

This relatively new concept aims to cleanse the system and infuse a new lease of life force and energy that would help people lead a happier existence. Middle aged men and women who complain of tiredness of the mind, spirit and body have benefited from the detox foot spa.

Toxins accumulate in our bodies as a result of high level of exposure to pollutants present in the atmosphere and unhealthy lifestyle or a combination of both. Factors such as smoking, irregular dietary habits, over consumption of red meat and addiction to alcohol cause increase in the toxin levels in our bodies. Our bodies are equipped to counter toxins, but if the toxins reach dangerous proportions then they take heavy toll on our bodies and minds.

There are more than 2000 pores in the soles of our feet and the body releases toxins through these pores. A detox foot spa enhances this natural detoxification process by stimulation. The process uses electrically stimulated ionic water therapy that induces the detoxification process. The feet are placed in a special container filled with water and at the end of the process the water often appears to have changed colors that signify the release of accumulated toxins. At the end of the process clients have often felt lighter, better and invigorated.

Some times, one does not need to go through the wet process. Patches are available that are strapped on to the soles of the feet and after a specific time, they are removed which results in the same kind of a sense of well being. The patches that are strapped on the feet contain stimulants in appropriate amounts that enhance the detoxification process. Such treatments are seldom time consuming and are completed within 30 minutes. They are reasonably priced too.

Nowadays, various kits are available that a person can buy easily and carry out the process according to his own convenience. These kits can be used in wellness clinics and at home and don’t require ant special training or license. The kit consists of ionizing plates that are easy to clean and can be used for close to 200 times before replacement. Such equipments can be a boon for people suffering from chronic ailments and also for those who require frequent rejuvenation.

Detox foot spa improves metabolism and immunity, and energizes the body. The process removes viral and bacterial contaminations from the human body and promotes vitality. Other important health benefits are reduction in blood sugar levels, maintenance of proper blood pressure, relief from pains and injuries, and marked improvements in people with rheumatic arthritis and gout. Detox foot spa improves the PH balance in the body and improves the various bodily functions too!  From David

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