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How To Detox Without Starving

I wanted to go for a detox program but was hesitant to take the plunge because many detox programs require starving and Ive never thought starving is a good idea. Not feeding the body is extreme for me, plus it leads to irritability, headaches, aches and pains, muscle breakdown, mineral deficiencies, interference with your immune system and stature. Living off with water and fruits, with a full time job, and with two kids seemed impossible for me. How can you possible succeed on your diet when all you are thinking is about food?

Depriving yourself is not the answer to a healthy detox program. It causes you to binge later, which complicates the problem. I am going to need energy and that energy comes from food. The fact of the matter is that dieting doesnt work. It never has, and it never will. The sheer numbers should prove this to you. I agree to cut calories is different from starving, but detox programs that promise extreme weight loss by restricting the intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fats can lead to a state of starvation.Our body needs vegetables, fruits, fats, protein, etc as a part of a balanced diet.Proteins are important, as they help to prevent muscle tissue from breaking down while enabling body tissue health.

To help me get healthier, I was fortunate to meet my health partner : Ka Formulas Clear the Toxins detox program. Developed by a Doctor along with a PHD in nutrition from Tufts University, they are clinically proven body detox programs that are the most complete on the market. This is not a starvation diet and one can pick anything from the diet chart. I was delighted by the non-starvation diet. I was given delicious chef prepared recipes, nutritious shakes and even dark chocolate. The Clear The Toxins detox program helped me realize the fuels that I put into my system have a profound effect on how I look, feel and to my bottom line health. I lost weight, slept better, improved my energy and kicked bad unhealthy habits.

I found an answer in Ka Formulas Clear the Toxins detox program that make sense to me, and that is reasonable and permanent. I searched it on the internet and read reviews (Detox Program Reviews at youtube) from others who used Ka Formulas Clear the Toxins detox programs. I was impressed and gave the program a try .Clear the Toxins detox program offers a 20 day program, 10 day program, a daily cleanse option and maintenance programs.

I joined them at facebook and twitter profile to keep in touch with their updates.

How the program works: The cleansing powder is the foundation of the program and is used twice daily in tasty fruit smoothies along with recommended amounts of detox and green food capsules. Each supplement ingredient plays a role in cleansing all the vital organs in the body. Additionally, you will follow their elimination/alkalizing which is divided into two 10 or 5 day periods depending on which program you order. The diet consists of organic veggies and fruits, quinoa (high protein grain), brown rice, yams, organic chicken or turkey, low heavy metal fish and even a little dark chocolate! The diet is detailed in the brochure you receive with the program and the email you receive after ordering online. Included are some delicious chef prepared recipes to help you get through the program. This is not a fast and you can eat all you want, so you should never be hungry! You will also have personal support from the company and can contact them anytime you have a question.

Clear The Toxins program are making great headway in the medical community with some eminent MDs who have observed great results with their patients. They have a female cardiologist at Northwestern who is a leader in womens healthcare and has done the detox program herself with great success.


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