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How to Detox Your Body Through Yoga

Yoga is the physical version of the most calming meditation techniques. You use your body to effect a change on your mind and body instead of simply your breathing. But be warned – yoga is not just a simple form of exercise for stretch ‘n’ tone. Some of the more advanced techniques took as if they are completely above and beyond the bounds of human flexibility but they really are quite possible if you take the time to build up to them gradually.

Having a relaxed mind will enable your body to ‘work out’ the moves. Attempting them without relaxation is likely to cause injury, as some of the exercises and poses couldn’t be completed without total relaxation. After practicing yoga for a while, you will find a sense of emotional, physical and mental calm.

Yoga will tone your muscles. It will also tone your internal detox systems and organs, as some of the positions exert pressure on them or release them and their surrounding areas. It will keep your joints supple and your spine healthy, supportive and strong. Each yoga position has a special purpose.

A yoga session will work all aspects of the body and free everything up so that you achieve mental and physical clarity. Breathing into moves and holding them requires concentration and balance.

There is nothing quick or sharp about yoga. Actually getting your body into some of the positions safely requires a process of gentle stretches, holding and concentration.

As with meditation, you should always start by attending a professionally hosted class or having lessons with a qualified, experienced yoga teacher. The yoga class will consist of relaxation and warming exercises, followed by a series of positions that may take some time to achieve. Then there will be more relaxation and balancing, before a further position is attempted.

You are likely to need lots of blankets, pillows, pads and layers of clothes, as the class goes from still and meditative, through physical, and back to stretching and relaxation. Always check what is required when you register with a class and make sure the teacher knows your level.

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