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How to Overcome the Weight Loss and Detox Pitfalls While on Lemon Maple Syrup Diet

Beyonce and Robin lost significant weight with the lemon maple syrup diet. It looks easy. And probably you think you can breeze through it.

Search the web and it’s not hard to find many raving reviews of the master cleanse. There are many success stories out there. Stories of the regular guys losing weight while on this weight loss and detox diet.

Let’s set the record straight. Almost the equal number of people didn’t lose as many pounds as they expected. I believe the figures are higher than what I’ve collected, as some may be too embarrassed to talk about their failure.

So why did they fail?

In this article, I’ve identify the 3 possible main frustrations of this maple syrup lemonade diet. I believe these are the reasons why people on master cleanse fail to loss significant weight. I’ll also provide my recommendation on how you can overcome them. In short, I’m going to help you succeed and lose weight with the maple syrup lemonade diet.

As you read on, you will know how to turn this maple syrup diet recipe into a natural weight loss and detox machine. These are additional information you can bring home, to help shed off those unwanted pounds. Stay with me.

1. Nauseous Sea Salt Flush The sea salt flush is part of the master cleanse regime. You’re recommended to take it twice per day – when you wake up and before bed time.

I got to be upfront with you. It’s not a tasty drink. For some, they consider it awful, because they vomit whenever they drink it. It got so bad that either they skip this drink, or they give up this weight loss and detox diet altogether.

As a substitute, you can take laxative tea, which is more acceptable to a lot of people. Consider this if the sea salt flush is a big turn off to you.

2. Monotonous Maple Syrup Lemonade Diet The master cleanse regime involves drinking lemonade for 10 days. This is what you take for meal time. Can you see yourself having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Not very motivating, isn’t it?

How to put yourself on this weight loss and detox diet when the thought of drinking only lemonade is not appealing?

Here’s a tip that may be useful to you.

First, understand why you want to decrease weight. Be truthful to yourself. Write it down. I call this the weight loss mission statement.

Start the statement with: “I desire to slim down so that/because….” For example, you can have a statements like:

I desire to slim down….

So that I can have better job opportunities Because I want people to have a good impression of me

You get the point, right?

Create a few of these mission statements and display them around your house. These will serve as motivators, and remind you why you should loss weight. Again, the key is to identify what are your hot buttons. Use them to motivate you.

And here’s another little trick to super charge your effort: Visualize the outcome you want. For example, if you want to slim down so that you can have more job opportunities, then spend 3 minutes visualizing everyday the outcome you want. See in your mind’s eye employers, head hunters offering you the position you wanted.

3. Side Effects It’s common to suffer from minor aches and pains when you’re into the 3rd days of the cleanse. Soaking in epsom salt bath can ease the uncomfortable feeling and remove toxins throughout your skin.

Okay, if you manage to overcome the previously 3 obstacles you are all projected to loss a lot of weight at the end of 10 days in on Stanley Burroughs maple syrup diet recipe, right? Wrong.

Here’s why:

Mediocre Result: This is mind boggling. Why it works for others but not you? You are suppose to gain back a lot of energy then before and lose weight along the way. Previously someone told you that the maple syrup lemonade diet can help shed off up to 20 pounds in just 10 days. Why are you still feeling lethargic like before? And you lost only 4 pounds at the end of the 10 days. What happen?

Let me ask you: What type of water did you use? That may be the problem. You have to be careful not to use tap water. Probably you understand that the routine water treatment involves introducing chlorine to kill off bacteria and viruses. Chlorine has been linked to cancer. And I’ve not even list out more chemicals that get introduced into your water.

Substance undetectable to the naked eyes can be introduced into your body, and void your slimming effort.

Neither is bottled water a good choice, as the manufacturing process is not subjected to tight regulation. It’s even more lax than your home tape water, not to mention that it’s comparatively more expensive.

There is only one choice. And that is filtered water. Read on and I’ll show you how to effectively use the mas. And it’s definitely more expensive. You should only use filtered water. And it’s possible to get a good quality filter water system at dirt cheap price.

Let do the maths.

Typically bottled water costs $6 per gallon. From my research, filtered water only cost 9 cents per gallon. That’s significantly lower in cost without compromising the quality of water. You can pay less yet achieve better result.

The Little Known Missing Ingredient:  It’s not in the original maple syrup diet recipe. Probably Stanley Burroughs wasn’t sure it’s necessary. I’m referring to protein.

We are not one of those animals who can go without protein. Some of the protein are essential to us for normal functioning even if you are on a weight loss and detox diet.

Don’t be deterred by what you have read. On the contrary, you should be motivated. You are mentally better prepared now to use the maple syrup diet recipe to detox and shed off those unwanted pounds at the same time. Did I mention that 10 days of lemon maple syrup diet, can smoothen your skin?

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