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How to Super Charge Your Weight Loss Effort While on the Lemonade Cleanse Diet

The famous lemonade cleanse diet, or master cleanse, gained it’s reputation as a weight loss and detox diet. As opposed to common pills popping and intensive workout, the lemonade diet involves drinking lemonade for 10 days. No hard work and totally natural.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Many gave up barely 3 days into the cleanse because they are not prepared.

The search for natural weight loss begins with you. It’s not only about finding the method that works for you. It’s also about managing yourself and your habit. That’s what this article is about. But I’m not stopping there. I’ll also share strategies you can use immediately to keep you laser focus on your journey to a healthier and slimmer you in 10 days or less.

Let’s dive in and see what are the 7 things you should know to turn the master cleanse lemonade diet into a potent weight loss and detox machine.

1. Setting the Right Intention As Oprah Winfrey once said, “Intention rules the Earth”. Set the intention to slim down right from the start. Be specific and believable in your intention. For example, I want to loss more than 45 pounds by end of the week is not as specific and believable as I want to loss a pound a day for the next 10 days.

Before you move to point 2, I want you to pause for a moment. Write down your intention to demonstrate your commitment to lose weight.

2. Affirmation for Weight Loss Just to bring all the readers to common ground, positive affirmations are short and concise statements aim to replace any negative beliefs that may sabotage your weight loss effort. This works not only with master cleanse.

The trick to make it work is to write positive sentence in present tense. Focus on what you want. For example, a positive statement can look like:

“I’m in process of reaching my right weight with master cleanse.”

And to make the affirmation effective, affirm consistently and positively 7 days before you start the master cleanse.

Look straight into your own eyes in the mirror and affirm. I’d recommend you to affirm twice daily – first thing when you get out of bed and just before you bed time at night.

Next moving on to look into the finer aspect of the lemonade diet for successful weight loss.

3. Master Cleanse Duration and Interval Each lemonade cleanse cycle should not exceed 10 days, and I recommend a 55 days interval before the next cycle.

Mathematically, the long you are in the diet, the more weight you will lose. It’s logical to think that way. Expect that you have miss out the impact of staying in the cleanse for too long.

You see, your metabolism rate slows down – to adjust to your new calories intake. This takes place a couple of days after staying away from solid food. The next moment, when you return to normal diet, your calories intake become too much for your metabolism to handle.

And all these “extra” calories turn into fats.

So far, 10 days seems optimal. You should loss a significant amount of weight and detox at the same time.

4. Before and After the Cleanse If you wake up one morning and jump right into your master cleanse regime, you are heading for failure. Physically and mentally, the abrupt change to your eating habit can be too much for you to handle.

Instead gradually ease yourself into the cleanse. Start 3 to 5 days ahead of your actually cleanse and progressively replacing solid food meals with the lemonade diet.

Do the same at the end of the cleanse. Gradually introduce solid food back into your diet. You can begin by introducing juices, then salad and vegetable soup and finally solid food over a few days. This will give your body ample time to adjust back.

If the master cleanse diet for weight loss and detox is new to you, it’s a type of fasting. It involves possibly not eating solid food for up to 10 days. Well, there is a way to turn it into a long term diet plan, but it’s beyond the scope of this article.

5. Eating You are recommended not to eat, but if you can’t overcome this hurdle, there is a list of “safe food” you can eat without interfering with your master cleanse lemonade diet. Keep to the “safe food” and you will do fine.

6. Ingredients Never prepare your lemonade days in advance. It’s convenient to do so, but you are not reaping maximum benefits from the lemonade diet.

Also only use organic ingredients.

7. Habits For permanent and effective weight control, you should real look into your eating habit. Do you consume a lot of oily stuff on a regular basis? Or are you more incline to diets consisting of fruits and vegetables? Consume more fruits and vegetables. They are better choice.

As what a Chinese philosopher said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” To use the lemonade cleanse diet for weight loss and detox, you should begin first by managing yourself better. Are you doing it?

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