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how to use detox foot pads and deep rivew?

What are Detox Foot Pads?

Formulated with bamboo extracts, herbs, and gemstones and developed through years of medical research in Japan, these organic detox foot pads are specially designed to aid your body in toxin removal by stimulating reflexology zones. Apply Detox Foot Pads to both feet before bed and let them work while you sleep. See the results in the morning and experience the benefits of cleansing from the inside out!

Why You Need Detox Foot Pads

Every day, your body is assaulted by an onslaught of harsh toxins in the water you drink, air you breath, food you eat, and environment in which you live. When toxins accumulate over time, they strain your health and wellbeing. Clearing your body of toxins may help you live a stronger and happier life.

Detox Foot Pads are designed to draw toxins out of the body by stimulating reflex points on the bottom of the feet.

What are the Benefits of Detox Foot Pads?

  • Contains high quality, pure bamboo vinegar extract to ignite the removal of toxins.
  • Supports a healthy immune system.
  • Boosts vitality and energy.
  • Promotes healthy circulation.
  • Encourages a positive mental state.
  • Safe, effective, and easy to use. Disposable, no mess!

Why are These Detox Foot Pads the Best Available?

  • These are the FIRST detox foot pads made with all-natural, premium, organic ingredients.
  • Carbon-titanium adhesives boost effectiveness by increasing bio-electricity.
  • Tourmaline emits far infrared energy to support the nervous system.
  • Stimulates the Kidney 1 Meridian point on the sole of the foot to promote detoxification and relieve tension.
  • Protective mylar bags defend against harmful radiation during shipping.
  • Recommended by the Japanese Society of Preventive and Alternative Medicine.
  • Manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice standards.
  • Each package contains 10 patches for a 5-day cleanse.

Tips for Best Results

  • Use only one foot pad on each foot per night.
  • Refer to the reflexology chart to select the organ or area you want to cleanse.
  • Begin by applying the pads to the arches of your feet first.
  • Affix sideways or lengthwise to the upper (ball), middle (arch), or lower (heel) portion of the bottom of each foot according to the organs or reflex points you wish to detox or stimulate. Pads can be applied either lengthwise or sideways in order to maximize surface area. It is recommended to detox the middle portion (arch) of the foot first. Press gently to insure the pad is secure.
    Upper Middle Lower
  • Wear a light sock over the detox foot pads to avoid accidental displacement.
  • Pads should be left in place for 8 hours or until they become discolored.
  • Stay hydrated with purified water to help flush toxins from your body.

WORD detox foot pads Rivew

Real Detox

I am in my mid fifties and have accumulated some amount of toxicity over the years. The Detox Foot Pads have performed admirably in helping me to remove these years of toxic accumulation. It is indeed a sobering moment in the mornings when removing the foot pads, as they have turned from a creme white color to a blackish, toxic slime. My best results are acheived when I drink lots of water mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe Vera juice, and wash or soak my feet in hot water, wiping them dry just before applying the pads at night.

Easy squeezy, quality results!

I’ve got about 48 years of toxins, etc. running around in my body and I believe these foot pads are putting a real dent in getting some of that stuff out of me. I was skeptical at first and can’t tell you how many different surfaces and ways I ‘tested’ this product. At first I thought the pad would turn no matter what it was placed on. NOT! The excretion actually decreases after a couple days use…can’t fake that. The little spots on the bottom of my feet actually disappear and I have unusual energy level the day after. Not many products I take the time to comment on but this one can do a lot of folks good!


What was that?

I’m wondering whether the black gooey stuff that resulted from using these pads is actually a withdrawal of toxins from my body through the bottoms of my feet…or if it is the material in the pads that melted from my body heat.


The Best foot detox pads.

I have had a desk job for 26 years & I don’t feel like the circulation is that great in my feet. A night time treat for my body is to soak my feet alternating with cold water & hot water with Epson salts. The I use my chi machine for 10 minutes and then put the detox pads on my heels and go to bed. it is relaxing & helps me get to sleep easier. In the morning they are funky. I can tell the difference. My feet & legs feel lighter.


Excellent Product

I have used detox pads before, but none like Dr. Groups. I’ve been toxic for so long, and tried many products to cleanse my body. I have used the detox pads consecutively for 30 days and have noticed more energy and clarity of mind. It’s a great way to get rid of heavy duty toxins with little effort. A little pricey for me, but worth it. Watch Gaiam TV for Dr. Groups informational videos. I’m also using Oxy Powder.


Fantasic product!!!!

I was skeptical but saw all the great reviews by others who have tried the foot pads and decided to try them myself. I also know that Dr. Group has helped Neil greatly and that was all I needed to know to trust him and the products from Global Healing.
I drink lots of water during the day and I feel so much better. I just ordered more detox foot pads for a second round of cleansing. I have no complaints at all. This is a safe product to use and I am so grateful. The staff has been very couteous and polite and I get the product quickly in the mail.


good bang, with patience!!!!!

Don’t get impatient, ALL people are different and their toxicity levels vary. FIRST bag of pads, Were puddles on both feet.I figured since I have agent orange, I figured energy would come in time..I knew my toxins were high.This am pads were much clearer but hard..But I did feel energy surge through me…Give it time and removing toxins is a good thing.


Results do not speak for themselves!

TLDR: These pads turn brown when exposed to ANY liquid (such as the sweat on your body or even purified water) – I have used other GHC products and found them to be adequate, but this one should be considered useless unless GHC can explain the results of this simple test.

I purchased these foot pads and used 8 of the 10 on my feet and was excited by the results. While I may have been able to convince myself that my foot felt slightly different after wearing this all night, I was mostly impressed by how brown and gross looking the pads were when I took them off. It seems the rest of the reviewers are also focusing on this point.

Another reviewer said he tested these ‘every way he could think of’ but apparently he didn’t think to simply put water on them. Try it for yourself: put a drop of a purified water in the corner of one of your pads – it will turn just as brown as it does after being on your foot for a night. After seeing this, I proceeded to rip the pad open and dump the contents in the water, which caused the water to, unsupririsngly, turn brown. This is extremely unsettling considering the skin will absorb this concoction overnight.

Considering the only real evidence for the efficacy of this product is a bunch of reviews that say “yep, it definitely turned brown” the results of this simple experiment should be eyeopening for anyone planning to purchase this product. Their “are all detox foot pads a scam?” page only says “ours uses better ingredients than the others” but doesn’t actually explain anything that would invalidate this result.

I have contacted GHC about this and look forward to their response. On the bright side, they do appear to offer a 100% refund, which I will be excited the receive.


Detox Foot Pads


I have started to use the Foot Pads for the past few months and am very impacted by the results. I researched Detox Pads and found this product by Dr. Group’s to be the best. I get a lot of toxins appearing in my use and I feel better. It has helped in my skin care, energy level and has an impacted me on my energy level in the morning. I get a lot of toxins removed and my pads are full of toxins when I removed them in the morning. I have found it most useful by securing my pads with surgical tape so I get the pads to
fit tighty on my feet and not allowing the toxin residue to escape on my sheets and bed clothing. My only request to Dr. Group’s is that make the pad larger to make sure the pad is more closely secure to the feet and to not allow drainage to come out of the pads on my feet.


VIDEO detox foot pads Rivew


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