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how to use foot spa machine and why foot spa machine?

how to use foot spa machine?

how to use foot spa machine uses of foot spa machine how to use foot spa machine

Some footbaths have massagers and heat. The water and motion will massage your feet and feel oh so soothing. When your feet ache, you ache all over. A foot spa will have your feet feeling terrific and you will feel the same all over your body.

The unit uses water. It has electricity to heat the water and has massage wheels. You turn it on for with heat or without heat; sit and enjoy the experience. The air bubbles gently massage also. They plug into the wall using electricity, not batteries.

What Benefits of the Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic foot detox is believed to carry a lot of health benefits. Some of them include:

Increased energy
Reduced stress and fatigue
Removes skin impurities
Improved concentration
Promotes better sleep
Alleviate joint pains
Prevents numerous illnesses and diseases

how to use foot spa machine how to use foot spa machine uses of foot spa machine

What foot spa machine?

The human body has a unique capability to heal itself. When functioning properly, it can kill invading viruses and bacteria, destroy cancer cells and prevent virtually all disease. The problem we face today is more and more people are suffering from a wide range of illnesses. Today’s modern society has created what many health care practitioners refer to as an epidemic. We have created what we now call“environmental illness”. Environmental illness is perpetuated by current western medicine attempting to treat the symptom and not the underlying cause. Natural health care practitioners and physicians who specialize in integrative medicine recognize the need for detoxification. Although the human body was designed to handle a relatively large amount of toxins, our modern environment is contaminated to the point that most people need assistance to regain and maintain optimum health. This is where the detox foot spa comes in.

Whether you are in good health and just want to feel extraordinary, or if you are currently suffering from chronic problems or an undiagnosed illness, regular foot detox sessions can improve your over all health and well being. The ultimate goal of the ionic foot spa is to stimulate the body’s own natural detoxification systems and create a positive cellular environment that will assist the body in detoxifying naturally.

To assist with detoxification and staying healthy, these areas should also be addressed:

• Examine your intake of dietary toxins. Particular items will include: sugar, refined flour, processed food, caffeine and alcohol
• Look for ways to improve your intake of nutritional whole foods
• Consider identifying and eliminating foods that you may be sensitive to.
• Explore ways to improve digestion such as eating habits, menus and digestive supplements.
• Examine common household exposure to potentially hazardous substances.

• Address possible chronic infections including intestinal dysbiosis from yeast (Candida), parasites, and bacteria as well as viruses and Lyme disease.
• Make lifestyle changes to reduce stress.
• Consider complementary alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, massage, acupuncture, and yoga.
• Get a water purification system and drink more water. The 8-8oz. glass a day suggestion is a good place to start.
• Add a good quality trace mineral supplement to your diet.
• Try to reduce stress or at the minimum, address the stress issue(s).
• Get clinical guidance for an effective and safe detoxification program.


Modern medicine has made great technological advances since the 20 century.

Technology has also produced an exponential amount of new problems.

Instead of trying to put a band aid on a warning sign, holistic medicine and cleansing address the root cause.

Modern medicine certainly has its place in the emergency room but much more attention needs to be given to cleaning up the long term cumulative damage and preventing it from continuing.Looking for a good way to detoxify and promote one’s wellness is a challenge a lot of us regularly face. With the best ionic foot detox machine, though, you don’t have to do much to cleanse your body of its toxins, so why not give it a shot?
If you have your own experiences on detoxifying and finding ways to rid the body of harmful elements, we’ll love to hear more about it! Share your knowledge in the comments below and help others discover more natural ways to heal and enhance their bodies.

how to use foot spa machine

Why does the water color change?

It is due to the interaction of the metals from the array, sea salt, minerals and impurities contained in the water along with the individuals contribution, creating an ionic field with the water.

The water will change color regardless of whether you have an individual’s feet in the water or not, because of the metallurgic reaction to the array and the polarization of the solids and minerals in the water. HOWEVER, there will normally be 2-20 times the cellular debris within the water when the session is combined with an individual. The colors will also be dramatically different from person to person depending on where they have the toxins stored.

how to clean foot spa machine

how to set foot spa machine

how to sanitize foot spa machine

how to use foot spa machine

how to use the foot spa machine


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