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How To Use Foot Spa Machine At Home

What is an Foot Spa Machine?

How To Use Foot Spa Machine At Home

About the product

Open/close only in the control unit, easy to operate and use
Six indicator lights for different treatment times
Array of 10 stainless steel rolls and double rows of rolls instead of single rolls
The array can be used for 50-60 sessions
High quality array made of stainless steel and ABS plastic

Ionic purification and detoxification foot treatment machine water basin massage pedicure ionic belt detoxification machine

1. Promote blood circulation, improve heart function and maintain blood flow.

Hot water foot bath can improve blood circulation, the role of warm water can make the foot to expand blood vessels, increase skin temperature, thereby promoting the foot and Circulation throughout the body; a hot foot sink also increases blood flow and velocity, which improves heart function and reduces cardiac Load.

2. increase metabolism, regulate endocrine various hormones.

Hot water footbaths can promote blood circulation in the feet and body and regulate the secretion of various hormones from endocrine glands, such as the thyroid gland that secretes Hormones, adrenal hormones secreted by the adrenal glands, etc., which promote metabolism.

Eliminate fatigue and restore lactic acid levels in the blood.

When the human body feels tired, the first thing is poor blood circulation in the feet, metabolism, end products such as calcium, lactic acid, microcrystalline substances Deposition. When the body is not a normal or diseased organ, the pathological reflexes make the circulation of blood in the feet worse and more likely to be deposited.

How To Use Foot Spa Machine At Home

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4. improve sleep, slightly good stimulation of nerves and capillaries.

Feet rich in nerve endings and capillary blood vessels, with hot water to wash feet or on the nerves and capillaries have moderate sound stimulation. At this time people are in a quiet state of rest, to improve sleep and eliminate insomnia.

5. The beauty of health, brain health.

Through hot foot bath, you can regulate the meridian, quiz and blood. At the same time, the blood vessels of the feet expand, blood volume increases, making the blood flow to the head faster, and timely replenishment of oxygen and nutrients needed by the brain.

6. Adjust blood pressure

Hot water foot bath can dilate the small arteries, veins and capillaries of the feet and body, relieving the conscious symptoms of high blood pressure.

7. Help digestion, improve health

Hot water foot bath can help digestion, improve the structure of the body, thereby improving the function of the stomach and strengthen the body’s resistance.

8. Dispel cold and warmth, prevent leg disease

Hot water footbath can dispel cold warmth, help reduce congestion and varicose veins in the legs, to prevent foot fissures and frostbite, if you add footbaths Medicine works better.

Especially in the winter, every day insist on washing your feet, not only can keep your feet clean, enhance metabolism, improve the foreign pathogenic microorganisms. Resistance and also controls crack, frostbite and ringworm.

How To Use Foot Spa Machine At Home

Advantage Foot Spa Machine

1. Removal of toxins and body waste
2. helps to remove bad skin
3. Inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi.
4. assistance
5.Relieve headaches
6. Delay aging, improve body flexibility
7. Rejuvenate your whole body.
8. Promote nutrient absorption
9. Heavy metal removal
10. increase the body’s immunity and inner energy
11. helps relieve pain and tension
12. Improve sleep
13. Reduce inflammation and excess fluid retention
14. can be safely used on children 8 years of age or older.

How To Use Foot Spa Machine At Home

Foot Spa Machine Functions

Replenish the body’s static energy
Activates cells and regulates plant nerves
Boosts metabolism and boosts immunity
Purifies the blood and prevents arteriosclerosis
Activate the body’s fermentation function
Reduce the burden on the liver
Increased peristaltic activity
Get rid of the pain and speed up the healing process

How To Use Foot Spa Machine At Home

One. Prepare a regular footbath. Pour in 37-40 degree warm water.
B. Add some salt (refined salt or coarse salt is better).
c. Place your feet in the tub.
d. Place the ion head in the basin, then turn the device on and adjust the time for about 30 minutes.
The entire detoxification process is safe, comfortable, fast, effective, visible and tested.

How To Use Foot Spa Machine At Home How To Use Foot Spa Machine At Home How To Use Foot Spa Machine At Home Care Of Foot SPA Machine Tools Supplies And Equipment


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