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How Whole Body Vibration Machines Work

Who would not wish of having a fine figure?

But how if you are a working mom or a corporate dad who can’t even find time to soak long hours in the bath tub? There are countless fitness machines out there. However, you do not even know which one fits your current physical condition. You do not know which is more convenient for your age and lifestyle.

There is an ancient way of fitness that has been revived and modernized to suit today’s demands. Do you know that whole body vibration exercise is a borrowed concept that has long been practiced by the early Greeks? Let’s learn more about this wonderful mechanism and why it is proven healthy.

Our body vibrates every single moment it pumps blood. Hence, vibration is essential for our blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. But what is lymphatic drainage?

The lymphatic system is a network of ducts and nodes that drains toxins out of the muscles in the body. These nodes help in conveying antibodies into the muscles, making our bodies stronger and resistant to fatigue. Lymph nodes play a significant role in our immune system, which most people forget to pay attention to. Unfortunately, the lymphatic system is not capable of pumping toxins out of these nodes by itself and heavily relies on muscle activity.

Exercise (the pumping and stretching of a particular group of tissues bound by a node) increases muscle activity and stimulates these nodes to pump and to have an uninterrupted blood flow. This is why a fewer number of active and athletic people catch colds or flu easily. Their lymphatic system functions more properly than sedentary people because of their well drained lymph nodes. Better blood circulation means better distribution of essential immunity components to the cells in our muscles.

Today, scientists have found the physics that make muscles work at a healthy pace. The Russian Space Institute, the European Space Agency and NASA came up with various muscle vibration equipments to counter Muscle Atrophy: the type of condition astronauts experience due to lack of gravity and poor lymphatic activity. Eventually, after which, the WBV (Whole Body Vibration) exercise machines were invented.

When using WBV machines, the body will be exposed to a level of vibration that promotes blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Most machines have a platform where you can stand on. This platform generates the vibration and transmits the intensity and the motion throughout the body. The intensity and the direction of this motion are crucial to the effects it can give you. So look for the right WBV machine that is efficient and has a scientifically supported mechanism. Try a whole body vibration machine now.

So why is a whole body vibration exercise machine capable of giving you that sexy figure? Look at every athlete on TV. They have firm and lean bodies. That is because they have achieved constant body vibration. When there is muscle contraction, there is muscle activity. When there is muscle activity, calories are burned. Just like doing an exercise, the calories you burn on the whole body vibration machine is equal but with less strain, which is good for your veins. Proper blood flow and vibration is also an activity that prevents varicose veins and chronic fatigue. Pump up those lymph nodes to a more active and healthier body. So, get the benefit of a 1 hour workout in just 10 minutes using a whole body vibration exercise machine.


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