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Immune System Booster And Candida Cleanse – Bio-cleanse Ionic Machine

I combine two topics in this one article that is related to candida treatments. I have got a letter from my friend, asking for some anti candida products that he wanted to use and the one he is currently using. His doctor highly recommended MGN3 to boost his immune system. He is concerned because this is a mushroom extract and he thinks that it might actually make his candida even worse, so he asked me if I have any experience with this product. He has also heard that there are medicinal mushrooms that can help candida overgrowth, and he ordered RM-10. He hopes they have a positive effect on his condition.

I haven’t tried RM-10 yet, but it looks good in my opinion and I trust Garden of Life products to do what they say it will. I think this is a wiser choice than taking the MGN3. I am giving it to my dog for cancer. I had also heard of it being used for HIV/AIDS patients, not for candida. If you ever wanted to add the benefit of rice bran, the active ingredient is Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP-6) and Twin Lab carries this at a very reasonable price (Cell Boost).

When rice is processed, the outside husk is removed and usually discarded. The husk contains 60% of the nutrients in rice, but it also turns rancid very quickly. Some companies claim to have solved this problem and charge an outrageous price for their product. There are other rice bran products on the market, I haven’t tried them and don’t know about the spoilage issue with them. Rice bran would be a very good whole food supplement, though.

Now I swift to other topic, candida cleanse. About a week and a half ago, someone I know was asking about a candida cleanse called the bio-cleanse ionic machine. I, too, had just heard about it that weekend and the reports were glowing. I finally had a session with it today and all I can say is wonderful! It is an ionic detoxifier and in just twenty minutes with my feet in a warm tub of water with sea salt, the bio-cleanse machine produced unbelievable debris.

The water turned dark yellow, almost orange, and there were black particles which looked like they were solid (I was told these were heavy metals that come out of your feet in the liquid form, but the ionic action solidifies them. The technician said that my hands would smell like metal if I rubbed one in it, but I chose not to do this) and a lot of white foam (the technician asked if I was just getting over a cold and I told her I had not been sick since last June, and then she said it was mucous and probably coming from the lymphatic).

The cost was $30, but on some forum, someone said their chiropractor offers 5 sessions for $125. Not that expensive, but when you have to spend money on supplements, doctors, tests, healthy food, etc., you have to decide what is more important. Some noticeable changes I feel is that I have a reoccurring metal taste in my mouth, which I didn’t have prior to the treatment.

There are no more flu-like symptoms today. I woke up feeling just fine. As far as supporting my liver, I take NAC and milk thistle, plus my doctor monitors me via a liver detox test through Great Smokies lab. I assume the detox with bio-cleanse makes it come right out of the pores. However, now that I think about it, the machine detoxes the liver as well as other parts of your body.

That’s it, I hope this article “Immune System Booster and Candida Cleanse – Bio-Cleanse Ionic Machine” has been beneficial for you.

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