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Inner Deep Breaths – Key to Natural Detox and Healing

Most people know that detoxification or “detox” leads to quality health. But few realize that it is essential to healing. And fewer still understand the dynamics of inner deep breaths as a key to powerful detox and healing.

A Natural Detox Process

Regular detox is vital to quality health. That is why merely pumping iron to develop muscles does not guarantee quality health. If smoking and alcohol continue to clog the body systems, all that energy and effort at muscle building go to waste. Thus, more people take detox supplements to further their health. But some supplements are getting too costly these days so that many health enthusiasts just ignore their need of them. The good news is, there is a free and powerful detox process naturally built into our bodies. It is called Inner Deep Breaths.

Breathing for Detox

Normal breathing detoxifies. But it can only reach certain levels of body systems, too shallow to effect any potent detox process that will rid the body of more toxins on a deeper level. This is where inner deep breaths come in. And they should be practiced in regular sessions, if possible, several times a day. Deep exhalations get rid of unwanted molecules from our inner systems and considerably help unburden the lymphatic system. Even mere crying involving inner deep breaths can detox toxins caused by excessive emotions. It promotes good digestion and sharp mental focus. In a sense, oxygen keeps the brain cells alert, awake, alive, and enthusiastic.

Breathing, Detox and Healing

At the first sign of a viral attack, such as the recent swine flu, the tendency is to take antibiotics. But few people know that the human body is designed to powerfully heal itself, even without the use of synthetic medicine. But at the rate at which the immune system has been attacked and undermined by bad food and a harmful environment, the necessity of medicines and antibiotics increase by the day.

However, to gradually revive the natural awesome powers of the immune system, taking inner deep breaths seriously is a must. Deep breathing supplies oxygen to the body cells (oxygen is a major food for cells), and healthy cells lead to a strong immune system. Then, a strong immune system expedites natural and fast healing. Thus, inner deep breaths promote quality health and healing at the cellular level, which is a crucial phase in healing.

Proper Inner Deep Breaths

Here are steps to proper deep breathing:

1. Stand erect while relaxing the shoulders. Let the arms naturally fall at the sides. Look straight ahead. If possible, stare at something in the distance. 2. Inhale deeply through the nose by filling your tummy, as it were, with air. Let the stomach protrude. Count to four while inhaling. 3. Exhale deeply also though the nose. Contract or shrink the tummy while doing so and while counting to four. 4. Repeat the process to 40 cycles. The earlier done in the morning, the better.

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