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ion cleanse machine manufacturers

What is an Ion Cleanse Machine?

ion cleanse machine manufacturers ion cleanse machine manufacturers

About the product

On/off only in the control unit, easy to operate and use
Six indicators show different treatment times.
Array of 10 stainless steel rolls and double rows of rolls instead of single roll
The array can be used for 50-60 sessions
High quality array made of stainless steel and ABS plastic

Ionic cleanse detoxification pedicure machine water basin massage pedicure ion beam waist belt detoxification machine

1. Promotes blood circulation, improves heart function and keeps blood flowing freely.

Hot foot baths can improve blood circulation, the action of warm water can cause the feet to dilate blood vessels and increase skin temperature, thus promoting blood circulation to the feet and the whole body; at the same time, hot foot baths can also increase the blood flow rate and flow, thus improving heart function and reducing the heart load.

2. Increase metabolism and regulate endocrine hormones.

A hot foot bath promotes blood circulation to the feet and body and regulates the secretion of various hormones by the endocrine glands, such as thyroid hormone secreted by the thyroid gland and adrenal hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, which boost metabolism.

3. Eliminate fatigue and restore lactic acid levels in the blood.

When the body feels tired, the first thing that happens is poor circulation in the feet, metabolism, and deposition of end products such as calcium, lactic acid, and microcrystalline matter. When the body is not a normal or diseased organ, it is more prone to deposition due to pathological reflexes that make blood circulation in the feet worse.

4. Improves sleep, with mildly good stimulation of nerves and capillaries.

The feet are rich in nerve endings and capillaries and are washed with hot water or have a moderate sound stimulation to the nerves and capillaries. At this time people are in a state of quiet rest to improve sleep and eliminate insomnia.

5. Healthy and beautiful, the maintenance of the brain protects the brain.

With a hot foot bath, you can regulate meridians, quizzes and blood. At the same time, the blood vessels in the feet dilate and the blood volume increases, allowing for faster blood flow to the head and timely replenishment of oxygen and nutrients needed by the brain.

6. Blood pressure adjustment

A hot foot bath can dilate the small arteries, veins and capillaries of the feet and body, relieving the self-conscious symptoms of hypertension.

7. Helps digestion and improves body mass

Hot water foot baths can help digestion and improve body mass, which in turn improves gastrointestinal function and strengthens the body’s resistance.

8. Keep warm from cold and prevent leg diseases

Hot water foot baths can remove cold and warmth, is conducive to reducing the congestion of leg veins and varicose veins, to prevent foot cracking and frostbite, if added foot bath medicine effect is better.

Especially in winter, insisting on washing your feet every day can not only keep your feet clean, enhance your metabolism and increase your resistance to foreign pathogenic microorganisms, but also control diseases like crack, frostbite and ringworm.

ion cleanse machine manufacturers ion cleanse machine manufacturers ion cleanse machine manufacturers ion cleanse machine manufacturers

Ion Cleanse Machine works.

Simply submerge the reusable activation array (included) in a tub or basin containing regular tap water, turn on the unit, and

Place the accompanying wristband on your wrist and immerse both feet in the ionic water generated. The machine uses current

Break down the soaked water into a large number of positive or negative energy ions. This process is also known as

Electrolysis. At the end of the treatment, sediment will be seen in the used water.


Ion Cleanse Machine function

Replenish the body’s static energy.
Activates cells and regulates plant nerves.
Boosts metabolism, boosts immunity
Purify the blood and prevent atherosclerosis.
Activate the body’s fermentation function.
Reduce the burden on the liver
Accelerate bowel movements
Get rid of pain and speed up wound healing.


Detoxification foot therapy machines include

1. Mainframe x 1pc

2. Detoxification array x2pc (black or white)

3. Wrist strap x2pcs

4. TENS pads x2pcs

5. Cedar wood with x2pcs

6. Power cord x 1pc

7. Black leather aluminum case x 1pc

8. English user manual x 1 pc

ion cleanse machine manufacturers

Ion Cleanse Machine Manufacturers

We are the Ion Cleanse Machine manufacturer,we sale the Ion Cleanse Machine to Ion Cleanse Machine,we can delivery to all the worlds by dhl,ups,offer OEM,if you need the Ion Cleanse Machine,please contact us.100% happy shopping and support Returns.

ion cleanse machine manufacturers

how does the foot detox machine work


What do the colors represent?

The color indicates the body part you may be detoxing. The most toxic areas will be detoxified first.

Brown-liver, tobacco, cellular debris
Black – also liver, but only visible after several detoxes
Dark Green – Gallbladder
Yellow-green – kidney, bladder, urinary tract, female reproductive system or prostate in men
Red Green – Kidney
Red-brown spots – cardiovascular
Black spots – heavy metals
White foam – lymph
Large white bubbles – mucus/allergy by-products
White cheese granules – fungal by-products
Pale yellow cheese granules – yeast / Candida
Small animals – parasites! A lot of people detox these little guys! I say, water in detox water is better than on me.

ion cleanse machine manufacturers

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