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Ionic Foot Baths, More Than Just A Detox This Is My Story

When I first started using the ionic foot bath a few years ago there were only a few websites that sold them. Now if you look online, you’ll see pages and pages of them. Go to any one of them and you’ll see testimonials from hundreds of people. You’ll notice that it seems to have different results person to person.

When it comes to ionic detox foot baths, you have your nay sayers and your believers. I am a believer because of my own experience using them. I don’t know about others, I can only tell you with certainty what it did for me and in a short amount of time.

I saw my first foot bath at a clinic and had the typical response of shock at the dirty water. I couldn’t believe that all that muck could come out of a person’s body. After seeing it over and over I was still skeptical. But I did find it strange that the color of the water wasn’t the same for everyone. The most common was dark brown. Some would have very black water, some light to dark brown, one lady had only slightly yellowish water but the most dramatic one I saw was a lady whose water turned green.

My husband found a site that had a great deal and bought a foot bath for the family. He was completely skeptical but then again, he hadn’t seen all those foot baths I had observed. I wanted to see what it could do for me. At the time I was suffering from arthritis that was painful and debilitating. Because foot baths were so new at the time we bought one, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I started my sessions twice a week and noticed after several sessions how good I felt and how alert I was right after completing a foot bath. I also realized that my arthritis pain was diminishing and had more range of motion. I hadn’t changed anything I was doing except the foot bath. Boy did I become excited. Anyone who has arthritis knows the constant pain you go through. After my tenth session, the pain was completely gone and I had complete range of motion. My husband was amazed and happy for me. He is a very skeptical man, the type who wants scientific evidence, proof if you will, that the foot bath was actually doing something. Well no one can tell me that the foot bath didn’t work! I really don’t know if I detoxed, but I do know my pain went away.

Over those weeks I was using the machine, I decided to do an experiment. I did a complete session with no feet in the water. I was surprised to see a considerable color change of the water. Huh! I brought my husband over to have a look. The water was definitely dirty. But it wasn’t until I was cleaning out the tub that I noticed something. When I do a foot bath there is a thin slimy film that floats on the top that stains the side of the tub. With my experiment water, it was absent. Interesting! Apparently there is always some discoloration of the water due to electrolysis and minerals in the water, and possibly additional stuff from the body as well with feet in the tub.

I guess my point in all this is that whether or not you believe it works, is entirely dependent on what it is or isn’t doing for you. If you have ever been interested in trying a foot bath, there are lots of chiropractors, beauty spas and salons that can get you started. But give it a chance and do more than just one session. It took a couple of months before real change occurred. If it doesn’t do anything for you then stop. But if you are getting results from it, what ever that might be for you, then keep on going. You never know what changes may be in store for you!

By the way, it is 3 years later and my arthritis never returned. Hallelujah!


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