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Ionic Foot Detoxification

On account of the environmental pollution, unhygienic foods, alcohol consumption and drug addiction, some poisonous substances can be produced in the inner side of our body. These poisonous substances are named as Toxins. They are produced as a result of the indigestion caused during the day to day digestion process. To live a healthy life, both the inner and outer body has to be clean and strong. Our outer body can be cleaned easily. In order to remove the toxins produced in the inner body, we have to perform a cleansing method called detoxification, shortly known as detox.

There are different types of detox techniques employed for cleaning the internal organs and removing toxins. Of them one of the methods is Ionic foot detoxification. Ionic foot spa is a detox machine which restores our natural health by balancing the nutrients in our body by removing the toxins.

In this method, a large amount of negative ions or positive ions are introduced in the foot spa machine. By keeping the feet into the foot spa machine, the toxins in our body can be eliminated. This is how it happens, an ion is nothing but a charged particle which either gains or loses an electron, and hence an electro- magnetic field is always produced around it. The electro-magnetic field thus produced attracts the oppositely charged particles and neutralizes, in sense, removes the toxins that present in our body and keeps as fit and healthy. Ionic foot spa is the only machine in which both positive ions and negative ions are used for detoxification.

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