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Is Alkaline Water Healthy

Alkaline water is already popular on the internet because of its health claims, which other experts refute. The machines used to produce this liquid are developed to enhance the physical nature of the fluids coming out of your faucet. It raises the water’s pH to around 8 by adding certain ions into the liquid.

The advantages of this ionized water is due to its high pH level. Remember that this type of liquid is just alkaline water taken out of a machine, which transforms plain liquid into healthy water. It’s called healthy water for its antioxidant and immunity boosting properties. Alkaline fluid does not contain harmful impurities. It basically is a liquid with good minerals in it. The negatively charged ions in it will adhere to free radicals in the body. Free radicals are the harmful chemicals in the body that cause damage to cells. They are due to pollution, chemicals, stress and a poor diet.

Liquids that have high a pH level have the ability to neutralize the acids in the body. The diet and lifestyle choices of many people today make their bodies acidic. Acidosis occurs when the body’s pH level is low. This is a predisposing factor to conditions like cancer, arthritis and chronic fatigue. Water can be ionized to increase its pH level. That way, it becomes healthier to drink, because it neutralizes acids in the body. Tap or distilled fluids don’t offer this kind of benefit.

Drinking alkaline substances do not make your body less acidic. Instead, it keeps your body’s pH level at normal levels, as it is hard to maintain the normal body pH levels when several foods today are acidic. The body contains ions that act as pH buffers to keep your body from becoming too acidic, but lifestyle choices and stress can impair this regulatory mechanism.

There are also claims that drinking fluids containing alkaline can help a person lose weight, as an acidic body gives way to the development of fat. Introduction of alkaline into the body can lead to the breakdown of fat, therefore, helping a person lose weight. Drinking alkaline liquid is the safest way to lose weight.

Water does not contain any nutrient, but it is an important everyday need. It has so many functions and roles, that it is hard to discuss each one by one. Raising the pH level enhances these functions. More than that, alkaline effectively delivers oxygen to different parts of the body. Alkalized water is better absorbed by the body than the ordinary kind. It is better absorbed by the cells, thus promoting better hydration. Well hydrated cells mean a well hydrated body.

Alkalized water, however, faces criticism among medical experts, as it is produced by expensive ionizers. There are a few types of these ionizers in the market. These machines are not friendly to the pockets. The effectiveness of alkalized fluid in promoting good health is also met with doubts. Some people think the health claims of alkaline are all myths. There is evidence, however, that alkalized water is good to the health. Many people who have taken this liquid swore to its benefits.

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