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Is Detox Diet workable

Human beings are full of weakness. The majority of us are

what we can termed as “followers”. We love to follow fads

and for those who are overweight, they tend to follow the

fad that can promote weight loss. One of these fad is the

Detox diet plan. Whether this Detox diet plan actually works

is hard to say. But from observations, people who followed

this detox diet plan do lose some weight initially but later

they also gain back all the “lost” weight.

One of the main reasons why this is such the case because

our body is saturated with toxins. Therefore any counter

measure that we take are totally useless. We accumulated all

these toxins from various sources like from talcum powder,

food, the air we breathe etc. although our body had already

developed a healthy detox system which can cope with the

general toxins, it cannot keep up with the synthetic

chemicals which has been introduced into our bodies.

Not only adults’ bodies are full of toxins. Scientific

studies had shown that even newborn babies have toxins in

their bodies which has been inherited from their mothers. As

such, scientists have claimed detox diet plans are

unnecessary as they do not work the way they are suppose


These toxins damage your system to such an extent that you

begin to eat more and more, while burning less and less food

at the same time. Eventually, the unburned foods get

deposits in your body as fat, the reason why you become

overweight! Foods such as cheese (esp. the processed ones),

cream, butter etc are usually contaminated and should be

avoided as much as possible.

The best detox diet plan which you can follow is to just

avoid foods which had been processed but go for foods that

re organically grown. Good examples of good foods are raw

fruits, vegetables which can help a person lose weight

quickly. Another good thing to do is to drink more water as

water will assist our bodies to increase its metabolism

rate. Do not take beer, Alcohol, soda & soft drinks. Abstain

from foods like white flour & Sugar as well. These types of

foods provides your body with nothing except “empty

calories” which ultimately gets converted to fats in our


Look for food which has complex carbs like potatoes. Unlike

normal carbs, these type of foods are good for your health.

Take unsaturated fats like those which can be found in

Tuna, Salmon etc. Avoid saturated fats which are present in

Butter & cream which only makes a person fat. In conclusion,

I hope this version of the detox diet plan will be able to

help you with quick weight loss.

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