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Is the Ionic Detox Foot Bath a Scam

Is the ionic foot bath a scam? If you’ve heard about all the amazing properties of the ionic detox foot bath, it’s only natural to wonder whether or not it might be a scam. After all, the ionic detox foot bath has been said to boost the immune system, cleanse your cells, clear your complexion, reduce swelling, provide pain relief and even make you feel and look younger! It’s no surprise that it sounds too good to be true! Part of the problem, however, is that most people who hear about the ionic detox foot bath don’t know much about the science of ionic cellular cleansing. A brief overview of what ionic detoxification is all about may give one a better idea of why it is said to have so many seemingly “magical” properties.

Understanding the Science Behind the Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Electrical impulses power our bodies. A person is considered dead if there is no electrical activity in the brain. Each cell has its own electrical charge, which when healthy is between .7 and .9 volts. When the body is under stress, cell charge can measure as low as .1 or .2 volts, which may indicate a buildup of positive ions in the system in response to the toxicity of our daily environment.

The ionic detox foot bath works by flooding the body with negative ions which are designed to counteract the positive ion buildup and negate free radicals. Most scientists now agree that an abundance of free radicals can lead to serious health effects including cancer.

The Process of the Optimum Focus Ionic Detox Foot Bath

When you insert the Optimizer Water Module into the foot bath with water and Himalayan salts and start the unit, the foot bath goes to work based upon the scientific principle of osmosis, which is the phenomenon of fluids passing through a semi-permeable membrane. The idea is for toxins and impurities to pass through the feet and out of the body, leading to a healthier system. The other principle involved is the stimulation of the body’s energetic field in order to boost the lymphatic system. A boosted lymphatic system results in more detoxification of the body and elimination of more toxins through evacuation of waste products.

Learn More About the Optimum Focus Ionic Detox Foot Bath

There’s a lot more to learn about the ionic detox foot bath but for most people, seeing is believing. You can order an Optimum Focus ionic detox foot bath and find out for yourself. When you see the effect the Optimum Focus ionic detox foot bath has on your body and your state of health and well being, you probably won’t have any more questions.



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