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Is There A System For A Safe And Healthy Detox

We take in a huge assortment of toxins from our food, water and the air. Toxins are defined as a poisonous substance produced by living cells or organisms. Toxins are nearly always proteins that are capable of causing great harm in the body. They may be pesticides, chemicals from processed foods, pollution, drugs, alcohol and so on… Toxins invade the body and are generally stored in fat cells. They are a main culprit in creating disease and a wide variety of ailments. Doing a detox can go a very long way in creating a healthy and energized body. But, there are a lot of myths out there regarding detoxification. Our experts answer the most common detox questions…

Do I need have to fast? No. A common myth is that detoxing involves starving yourself for days on end. Such detox diets are always based on fantasy instead of science. A perfect example of an unscientific detox is the ‘Lemonade Diet’. This detox fad involves consuming nothing but homemade lemonade for up to 14 days and beyond! There is absolutely no science to back up any claims that fasting helps the body detoxify in a safe or healthy way.

Will I lose weight? Yes. A proper detox system will require that you eat the most nutritious foods possible. By eating these foods, you will detox safely and also lose weight. You can expect to lose between 3-7 pounds over a 7 day period. In addition to weight loss, You will also lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, boost your immune system, have much more energy etc. In short, weight loss is just one of the great benefits from a healthy detox system.

So, what do I eat while I detox? You want to eat foods rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants that enable your body to flush the toxins and pollutants that have accumulated over your lifetime. To give your body the tools it needs to detoxify, cleanse and regenerate, a detox must give the body even more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than normal. Please, see the Detox System below.

I heard people get headaches from detoxing… Is that true? When detoxing, some people experience what is known as a ‘detox flu’ or ‘detox crisis’. As your body systematically cleanses itself of toxins and pollution, some people experience headaches, nausea, cold-like symptoms (blocked nose, shivers etc), spots and pimples. These symptoms are mild and usually last for a short while. The best medicine is to drink lots of fluids to help speed up the toxin flushing process. If symptoms persist, however, you should go see your doctor.

Can I keep exercising? Light exercise improves circulation which helps carry toxins out of the body. Some forms of exercise are beneficial to cleansing and detoxing, such as gentle jogging, walking or rebounding – however you should try not to place undue stress on the body during this time. So, don’t do any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise while detoxing.

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